My Blog is back, working again, about prison time and after deportation …

27th Sept.2017, Danish Nazi spies, PET and FE-DDIS, decided to misuse the police against me. After using public laundry, I was arrested by 2 cops on the pavement beside Hugs and Foods in Copenhagen with the excuse that “I made robbery in 2011 or 2010”. The cops had the excuse they got a tip, “somebody recognized me” and informed the police, but in reality, everything was set up by the PET and FE-DDIS agents. I refused to give them my name or any information, so, they took my fingerprints 4 times trying to send it and find who I am, of course, I knew they know already who I am, I told them to ask for my name those (spies) who told them to arrest me. They pretended they are ordinary investigators and they don’t work for the secret service. The investigation judge hated me and I saw she works for the secret service, she decided to keep me in custody, obviously to help to spies to damage my health, that’s how she passed exames and became a judge, she works for them. Prosecutor wanted also to charge me for online threats, but gave up from it, sometimes they can make bigger charges against immigrants to keep us longer in custody or to make media propaganda about “evil immigrants coming to Denmark and good government that protects Danes from evil immigrants by making repression”. Criminality is misused by racist politicians and spies help them to do it by activating network of snitches to make propaganda against immigrants. Spies in colonial countries are political police, they are not security police. Every 2 weeks they prolonged my costody and after my insisting to find the money they confiscated from me, the cops included document in my case about confiscation of 16 000 DKK, about 2130 eur. Two months there was no evidence that they took the money from me, possibly spies told them to do so, if they planned to produce heart attack for me by poisoning my food, they could steal the money.

From the second day of my arrest they posioned my food. Since 28. September, I had pain in my head everyday until December (then from February again), I had pain in the left side of my stomach, one week every month I had pain in my testicles, my pennis was also disfunctional, it is clear they used chemical castration against me, from 1. December they started to posion me about heart or they did it earlier but in December I got pain in my heart and I had pain until the end of my imprisonment in August 2018. I must say that damaging health of immigrants by the state departments is not racism than Nazism, especially control of birth at immigrant population (chemical castration), I am sure they do the same to Danish Muslims and other immigrants. Military spies infiltrate prisons to be able to realize their colonial Nazi politics, “prisoners are criminals, they are violent, nobody is suprised if they get aggressive and attack each others, etc.” Simply, military and civilian spies had the excuse to infiltrate prison to prevent terrorism and radicalization of Muslims, but in reality, they misuse their job to bully Muslims and immigrants and to poison their food: to make them aggressive, to prevent them to have children, Nazis don’t want more immigrants and Muslims in Denmark. It is interesting also that Muslims in France were “known to spies” and they were 2 years imprisoned, it means, spies destroyed their lives and misused police to imprison them and posioned their food there. The result when they went out from the prison is clear: they hated France, they killed people. It is clear that spies produce terrorist cases, to make themselves richer and to abolish civil rights: when they work on terrain, they get bigger salary, when they make impression that terrorists are everywhere around us, they get bigger power by legislation, everything what was illegal, now it is legal for them, spies and politicians get the excuse for mass espionage of the whole society, they make bigger repression and abolish civil rights, in France they changed 2 times labor law since 2015, to make it better for the rich and worse for the middle class workers. It is clear the aim is making bigger profit for bankers and for billionaires who finance political parties, spies are misused by politicians to make billionaires happy, workers without rights is dream of the rich people, workers become cheaper and rich get richer. Therefore, spies and politicians misuse terrorism to create totalitarian system.

I knew that spies poison me, beside it, I had no pain in stomach and testicles before I was arrested, so, I asked for a doctor in the prison but they refused to give me doctor with the excuse I refuse to say/write my name when I apply for doctor. I got him after 3 weeks, on 19 October, but he refused to do anything about pain in stomach and head, I didn’t tell him for testicles because it was one week pain, not all the time. He said, there are 1000 reasons for pain in head and he can’t help me about it. So, immigrants are not entitled to get medical help in Danish prisons in reality, although all prisoners by the law can get medical help. In my case, spies also mixed their fingers, their guards refused to let me to get doctor, for example if chemical castration stays in the blood 3-4 days, they can push me to wait 2-3 weeks to get doctor. It was in the Venstre prison, the next time I asked for doctor in December because of pain in my heart in another custody, Blegdamsvejens prison, I didn’t wait long to get him, but he refused to do anything, the second time he made short EKG and he said machine didn’t find any problem. But such test is done when person gets heart attack, in my case, the pain and irregular work of heart means I should get holter monitor to measure my heart 2-3 days and ultrasound of heart to check arteries. They give us fat food in the prison and we can get arteries full with fat. Disease comes through mouth, spies misuse food in the prison to produce disease, that’s what they did to Milosevic and Seselj in Sheveningen in Netherlands. Milosevic died from heart attack and Seselj had 2 times heart surgery and cancer in the bowel plus maybe in the liver. The CIA and Danish military spies used poison against me in Danish prison.

Already in the Venstre prison spies misused my walk in the backyard to use prisoners against me, usually those who sell drugs they work for spies, they spit on the floor when I walk beside them, and similar stupid things. Prisoners who clean hall floors all work for the police, police snitches were misued by spies in the prison, I got dirty cup for water, dirty towel 10 years old, and so on. They work for cops, they go from prisoner to prisoner to ask about their cases, they also turned prisoners against me. That’s the proof that police participates in racism of the secret service against immigrants, they mix themselves in politics, they target immigrants. 70% of immigrant prisoners are Roma from Romania, prisons are full with Roma, they are arrested to be exploited in the prison (10 dkk per hour salary) and they also get attacked by guards. Guards have simple scheme to attack immigrants, you must ring to go to toilet 3 times daily + shower, so, they don’t come one hour, then Romanian starts to kick the door of his cell, and later 3-4 guards come and attack him. Some Roma can be convinced by guards to work for the police, then they set them up, so, they get conflict with Danish prisoners. There is a lot of racism in the prison and 99% of that shit is done by guards who work for the secret service. They realize racist policies in the prison. When they make conflict between Danes and immigrants, immigrant prisoners get isolated, they can’t use all facitlities as Danes, in that way, Danish prisoners have bigger possibilities in the prison than immigrants. They tried to do the same to me, by setting me up snitches everytime I go to classes (yoga and drawings) and to fitness, therefore, I stopped to use fitness, and because of passivity, prisoner’s health can become worse after several months. Spies have quazi psychiatrists who work for them and they make researches about mental health of prisoners and how to break their personality. Of course, I have no problem if I am separated from Danish prisoners, I don’t suffer if I am alone, their stupid psychiatry doesn’t work on me. Later when I was moved to Blegdamsevejens prison, they continued to turn prisoners against me, to isolate me and to prevent me to have excercizes. Because of the cold in denmark, I stopped to walk outside one hour every day, I didn’t have winter jacket and no family outside to send me a jacket, it is one more point where it is visible that Danish prisoners and immigrants are not equal, Danes get money from their family and can buy anything they need in the store, immigrants get their money confiscated, we must work to have some money, we are pushed to be exploited and who knows how long I would need to work to buy a jacket (they don’t have cloths in the prison shop). So, in theory, all prisoners can walk 1 hour outside, but in reality, immigrants get arrested without trousers, without shoes, without jacket, they get some shit trousers to go to the court, but I didn’t see that prisoners get jacket. So, no walk outside for immigrants, only for Danes and immigrants who are arrested with jacket. I was arrested in September, I had only summer jacket.

In December I wrote a letter from the prison to deputy Rune Lund, socialist Enhedslisten party, but he didn’t help me to get medical help in the prison. After Christmas I reported to the police: spies, ministers, for misuing their job to arrest me, to kiss in ass the CIA, etc, but instead to open an investigation, the cops and spies misused doctor in Blegdamsevejes prison to send me psychiatrist in my cell on January 8th 2018.

She said she will ask the judge to send me to mental examination to the prison psychiatry, but later I saw that judges refused to do it. It was clear try of spies to misuse the police, prison doctor and psychiatry for political repression against me. Simply, prison psychiatrists are not authorized to check if I am followed by spies, they can’t read secret files to see if spies misused their job against me. They work for spies against immigrant prisoners, they pronounce us crazy, paranoid, in the case we attack Danes after prison, for example to make revenge, spies will not be guilty if the person was declared crazy.

29. January they relocated me to Odense prison, the first evening my heart worked irregular 5 times, they poisoned me from the first day. February and March I had every day pain in my heart, it was the worst from 15-20 March, pain in heart, head, back, stomach, spinning in my head each time I stand up, I could fall down many times, big pain in arteries in my neck 3 days each time I wake up in the morning (heart beats very strong) and durin sleeping my heart was very slow. They poisoned me with fat and possibly they put something in the oil, to produce heart attack or stroke. I asked for vegetarian food but they refused to give me it 3 months, I got it after sending letter to Uffe Aelbek, leader of the party the Alternatives. Contrary to Enhedslisten that is corrupted and infiltrated by spies, the Alternatives and Uffe are true leftists, ready to help to imprisoned imigrants who face racism in the prison.

In March I asked for doctor again, but the nurse kept my application 3 weeks, then I tried to complain to the management and she gave me doctor, but he refused to do anything, he said I have pain in stomach and I imagine to have pain in my heart and I should change food to stop to have pain in stomach. All in all, he didn’t want to give me medical examinations. In May and June I had biggest pain in stomach, whole days and nights, I felt pain while sleeping. Even today, January 2019, I have pain in stomach.

In the end of June I had court session for which I waited 6 months, even people in Africa see the judge every 2 months, I had court session 20 December and then 20 or 28 June. The judge Thomas helped to spies to keep me so long in custody to damage my health and he knew there is the law that immigrants don’t get compensation if we sit 10 months in custody but get 1 or 6 months of prison, Danes get compensation for too long imprisonment but immigrants don’t get it. He gave me 6 months prison, to help to spies to forbid me to come back to Denmark and to prevent me to get compensation if I am declared innocent by the judge, I would get 30-40 000 Eur for 10 months of custody. Spies didn’t arrest me to make me rich.

From 28 June I was transferred back to Venstre prison where I waited for deportation until 9 August. When I was arrested my bag and termarest sleeping pad stayed in the locker in the library, it is worth 200 Eur, they took from me 2100 Eur when they arrested me, they refused to give me compensation for sitting 3 months longer in the prison than the judge sentenced me. For 3 months I shoulg get about 100 Eur per day, minus court expenses and other costs, in the end, I should get 42 000 dkk, it is about 6000 eur. Danish government made racist law, now, racist prosecutors and judges misuse it to keep immigrants longer imprisoned, they know we will not get compensation. The Guardian newspaper made caricature about Rasmussen as a Nazi because he made the law to take jewels from refugees the same as Hitler took it from Jews. Of course, rich billionaires finance Rasmussen and racist Danish People Party, therefore, politicians create racist law, Danish politicians and riches welcomed Hitler in WWII. Racism and Nazism is created to create slavery and profit for the rich, to make them richer. In June prosecutor also misused his job to make propaganda against me, an immigrant, he spoke 4 hours and about proofs was 1 hour, the rest was racist blah blah. He said that Serbian Interpol wrote him that I am well known thief and drug dealer in Serbia, it can have influence on decision of the judge about punishment, so, I said he makes propaganda, I was never convicted in my life. The judge Thomas also refused to write my defense in court documents, I said that I am arrested because of Ministers of Justice and Defence, heads of civilian and military spies and the CIA. I blamed people who get salary to control secret service for the whole this racist court process, they are corrupted fake Oversight of Intelligence.

It was interesting that the state owned DR TV made documentary movie after I sent them letter from the prison about police racism, they included my words in description of the movie: Does Danish goverment copy USA racist policies from the USA to Denmark? The movie showed police violence against immigrants and against Danes and refusal of the board for control of the police to punish cops. They never support victims of police violance and racism. I was happy to see that Danish spies didn’t infiltrate team that makes documentary movies in the state owned TV. Possibly they infiltrate news team, but not other parts of TV. Of course I sent them later one more letter about activities of spies against me: spies used criminals against me, drove cars on me 3 years, damaged my health, etc, and Oversight of Intelligence always kept the side of spies the same as this board for control of cops. I will have to check production of movies in the last year, maybe they made a movie.

9th August I was deported with 2 cops to Serbia, they stayed in the hotel one day, it means they spoke with Serbian spies to organize problems for me. In that way Serbian president can get a credit from Danish goverment and the CIA, and rule in Serbia whole his life. He is autocrat who tries to become dictator by being good for the EU, Russia and USA, he is ready to work against our citizens. Already in September I wrote email to Sasa Jankovic, one of the oppositional leader, that opposition will dethrone Vucic or they will die one after another from the hand of Serbian secret service. And really, in December Borko Stefanovic, another oppositional politicians, was attacked with metal sticks in his head by 3 criminals, in Krusevac, city of the head of Serbian spies, Bratislav Gasic. It was attempted murder and not beating. Serbian president is crazy, now every saturday, 40 000 people protest in Belgrade against Vucic and his violence against opposition. His misusing my case to kiss the CIA in the ass will not help him to rule forever, he will fall down, his property will be confiscated and he will sit in the prison. Now his children go in the private school Rudjer Boskovic, 10 000 eur fee per year, he has property 1.2 million Eur, but his official salary is 1200 eur per month. Blind people can see that he is just one more financial criminal who misuse secret service against opposition. 40 000 people is the proof that his spies are not effective, they can’t control society, even people from his party bought media, it is in vain, it will not help him. His scheme (technic of ruling) will not help him, he will fall.

So, from 9th August, Serbian spies kissed Danish and American spies in the ass, 2 days I was followed by cops all the time. Later spies used criminals to follow me and they still do it. I could not get ID 45 days and without ID it is not pissible to get a job, people wait 10 days to get ID. Spies hoped I will steal food and they can set me up, but I visited Center for social work and applied for social help. Spies also misuse security personal to follow me in the city and when I visit food stores, they copy everything Danish spies did against me together with the CIA. Whole August and September they tried to set me up teen girls, I informed 2 persons from the parliamentary Oversight of Intelligence, so, spies had to hide better what they do. They continued but not so much like before. The main point was to keep me poor, to keep me without job it means also without medical help, maybe Danish spies developed cancer in my bowel, to turn people against me, to prevent me to study law, etc. I informed also highest court judges what is happening and that spies want to radicalize me to make a threat from me and imprison me to get credit from Danish and American spies, for the new year eve they followed me and set me up thieves to steal my things, etc. I informed judges that I will disturb daughter of the president because spies disturb me. What they do to me, I will do it to his family. Spies used criminals 5 times in the last 2 weeks to come to my room when I sleep, they try to come inside, now I barricaded the entrance hall, not only the door of my room. They also misuse snitches to caugh in my face already 3 months, 90% they sent really sick people, they were not sent to irritate me than to really make me sick. Therefore, Thursday 18 January I walked around private school she visits, there is car with dark glasses, gandarmerie, on the entrance of the school, afternoon I visited YUBC building where the president is living, he has 2 flats there, in one is his former wife with kids, his son is 19 and daughter 15. There are 3 security personal in both buildings.

It was also interesting to see every time I was followed by Chinese and some other people in the last 3 months, Serbian spies informed the CIA and they sent Japanese and South Koreans to follow me. Serbian president and spies openly call the CIA against China and some other countries.

That’s all I remember in this moment, I can conclude that their kissing the CIA in the ass will not help them to keep Vucic as the president, he will fall down, it is just question of the time, they can damage my health and radicalize me to profit from it, but we will see what will happen. I don’t think they will succeed to abolish civil rights and get bigger power by the law if they create threats, insecurity and terrorist cases as Danish and American spies do it, but it is visible they learn from them how to do it.