Military spies, the CIA, cops and Polish continue to manufacture murder and terrorism, Soren Pape Poulsen misuse his job to imitate Francois Hollande, to create insecurity and repression against dark skin Danes

Poor military spies waited Thursday evening 23:30 that I come to the nature to drive bike and moped beside me. Moped reg plate AY 5337.

Today, Friday, military spies followed me all the time, they also misused the cops in Norrebro to drive cars beside me million times. That’s the proof that the cops are there to make repression against immigrants, not to catch pussy angels who have the club in Norrebro, but the cops don’t touch them. I saw 2 cops checked 14 years old kids in Mjolneparken, the kids had dark skin.

Cop reg plate BK 37 882, AX 52 917, AX 59 188. From yesterday: EZ 16 360, HT 14 628, BA 47 205, BF 11198.

So, the point is: Soren Pape Poulsen misused the PET to create insecurity, to employ PET criminals to shoot around, and then he misused it to make repression against immigrant part of society. Both criminal gangs that shoot around are PET criminals, the cops are also PET racists who harass immigrants, Pape Poulsen is also racist, so, everything is set up. If there is no terrorism, they will misuse secret service criminals to bring the police and maybe even military on the streets, the same as Francois Hollande in France. This is systematical bullying of immigrants by the state departments.
Even older people who sit beside their shops hate when they see cops driving cars million times, immigrants have negative experience with the cops and it is clear that racist Pape misuse his job. In the end, criminals don’t sell drugs on the middle of the street, even if the patrol pass, the cops don’t see what’s happen around the corner. So, driving cars around just irritate people.

But even the cops understand, if they make repression in Norrebro against immigrants, they will just drive drug users toward hells angels, so, sissy angels will get richer. It is without sense to make repression only against one or two criminal groups. Soren Pape Poulsen is not even 1% honest when he spoke about the gight against criminality. He is fighting Danish citizens who are not “original Danes”. In the end, all those people are criminals because they had no chance to get a job because of racism, because of people like Pape Poulsen.

But where are leftist politicians to walk in Norrebro and check what the police is doing? Do they misuse their job against dark skin Danes?

Today they also misused cleaning woman at the CBS, she cleaned 3 classrooms, I would not say anything for 3 classrooms if she is not kissing the ass of the CIA, she is Polish. So, they (the CIA, Lars Johan Findsen and Maersk) continue to provoke me.