Meeting of Kim and Trump, the choice of Serbian workers is poor, spies continue with kiss the CIA in the ass activities against me, movie production is full of snobbism and discrimination, does Djilas gets the money from Vucic?

The last week had important happenings like meeting of Kim and Trump. Finally, Kim doesn’t believe to Trump anymore, and maybe to China too. That’s good, China will cheat him and sell him to the USA. Trump is trying to cheat him too. To disarm him and to kill him, with the aim to exploit workers and natural resources. Putin also understood he will not be able to make better relations with the EU/USA and he started to turn himself to defence and confrontation with the US about Venezuela. The EU politicians, despite of Brexit that shows dissatisfaction of the EU citizens about politicians that represent bankers and riches instead of citizens, continue to serve Goldman Sachs and work against Maduro. Bruxelles and Strasbourg are corrupted by the US banks and beside it, Trump and American billionaires want to be the only power in the world, they are against the EU, they are also against the UN. There are many bad consequences of the fall of Soviet Union, in international relations and in the labor market (cheap factories and workers in the East Europe). Therefore, in the last 30 years there are 3 times more billionaires and double bigger poverty (and repression) in Europe and USA.
In all that shit, Serbian workers have 3 shitty options: to stay out of the EU and work for 300 Eur per month, to relocate to the EU and work for 1200 Eur (and pay bigger living expenses) or stay in Serbia and work for 800 Eur when Serbia becomes member of the EU. To prevent mass migration toward Europe, European politicians will force rich people to give enough big salary to Serbs to keep them in Serbia. I suppose it is between 800 and 1000 Eur per month. Croatia has 500-700 Eur monthly but they are still migrating. Serbian workers now work for 250-500 Eur per month, depending from profession and company. To stay in Serbia, selfish domestic and foreign billionaires will have to give to workers 1000 Eur monthly, they would profit in any case.

My week was again disturbed by Serbian spies who kiss the CIA in the ass. It looks they are afraid that somebody will speak with me, so, they include their snitches to spend time with me every minute, at the shooting of serials and quiz, I was 4 days statist (crew at quiz and series), they activated also their collaboratos to turn movie crew against me, although movie crew is behaving bad against all statists. They behave like in medieval time or like segregation in the USA, they treat statists like lower class/race. At the protest on Saturday, for which I asked to get mic and speak against Vucic but I didn’t get answer, maybe spies used their infiltrators to prevent me to get it, spies included their moron to spend time with me, to take my number in the end and to try to become my daily friend. Now I must buy new SIM card and when I have money, a new phone. They can misuse telecommunication company to spy my moving and location in the city, Telenor CEO can get punch in the face for it, and they can include trojan in my phone. Yesterday I made factory reset of my phone, but I will have to do it again and again every week, to delete trojan/malware. Encryption of HDD doesn’t mean so much when SIM card is not encrypted, even if I use SIM from another country, they can misuse network administrator when my phone is attached to the WiFi. But as I said, CEO or net admin can get problems. In any case I planned to change SIM card because Telenor is shit, I bought credit and it was written I must spend it in 3 weeks, usually it is 2 months, other companies offer 3 months. Telenor is worse than their competitors. I saw Globaltel is owned by Zeljko Mitrovic, so, I gave up from buying SIM card from them, now I must check who owns other companies.
While I was at the shooting of some scene in Prizrenska street, gandarmerie came with jeep and inside was daughter of Vucic, they changed registration plate of their jeep, but I saw young girl inside, they saw me and could not park jeep there, they had to go away, hahaha. Later their spies followed me the whole evening. Maybe they have intention to bring her near to me to make paranoia, threat from me, to build a case against me. On the one side they irritate me by disturbing me every day, on the other side they bring daughter of Vucic beside me.

Today they brought already 3 morons to cough strong near to me, it means, they irritate me, they want that I send information again so they can record it with trojan for example. I would have to take out SIM, switch off wifi, reset the phone, encrypt HDD and type the message in encrypted notepad, send message from wifi I never used and reset the phone again to delete all information/files.

On Monday I applied to get a job of system admin at the Faculty of law, but their IT manager works for spies and did everything to turn down my application. No answer from them, so, he succeeded. He could work for spies even if I get a job, so, I would loose it.

One more interesting thing was that the Ministry of culture and Film Center Serbia co-finance movies and series, and Djilas, oppositional politician, has one or two companies for making series and movies, it means he gets the money from state departments ruled by SNS and Aleksandar Vucic. And as I said, all movie production companies discriminate statists (workers, additional movie crew) and we get minimal payment 1-1.2 Eur per hour, even the lunch is not the same for us, we get sandwich and movie crew get normal lunch. His company discriminate workers and he wants to become the Gov. He has more than 20M Eur and we get minimal payment and sandwich even we spend 12 hours at the shooting of scenes. His former party collegue Jelena Trivan sits in the board of Film Center and she decides also who will get the money from the state, etc. Criminal circus. When they make movies, they include different privat companies and they can share the money they got from the state, they can make bigger expenses and put the money in their pocket: make up company, hair style company, costimography, catering/food, statist company, rental of camera company, light company, location, etc. They work a lot with cash and there are no proofs how much they really paid this or that.