May 31st was the inauguration of the new Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić

Aleksandar Vučić won the election for the president and yesterday he took the office for the next 5 years, there was the inauguration process 10am (100 people) and protest of the opposition 10am and again 6 pm (10am was provocation of 100 people, in the evening several thousand people). They call him dictator, they refuse to come to the inauguration process and maybe they wanted to produce a fight between members of opposition and of Vučić party (SNS). There was conflict near to the center of the city. The police stopped opposition to come nearer to the ceremony. Members of SNS came from the whole Serbia, Vučić also made a ceremony similar to the inauguration of the United Snakes president. One man from Obrenovac, 30km from Belgrade, said on Twitter:

“The movement The Citizen of Serbia broke the celebration of gangs and dictator, we have shown that we will not step down and that we know how to fight, and this is just the beginning, we have now declared the war on gangs and SNS dictator, we have shown that we are not afraid and we will fight, soon we will spread the war all over Serbia”.

Deputies in the parliament, from political parties Dveri and New Serbia, had papers with words: he is not my president, I don’t want a traitor as the president, You sold Kosovo, etc. Dveri are nationalists the same as Vučić but they are more against Europe and on the side of Russia, they criticize his agreement in Brussels about Kosovo.

Political commentators said that the opposition is trying to produce the incidents, and the opposition leaders said the same thing about SNS and Vučič, but I am agreed that the opposition leaders get help from the West to produce disorder in Serbia. I would say they get instructions from the CIA spies in Serbia, not from Brussels, but Serbian spies are too much stupid to catch the CIA spies in Serbia. The opposition was the government in the past, they stole the money, people refuse to give a vote for them, now they get just 6% votes at the elections and they suck American dick and produce disorder in the country, maybe even violent change of the Gov. It was visible in the last one year, the opposition sabotaged almost every session in the parliament, now they falsificate even the topics for discussion in the parliament, the president of the parliament complained she got fake session orders. It was done by the same politician who tried to produce conflict 10 a.m. yesterday, Zoran Živković from Niš/Nais, he was before the member of DS (democratic party) but later he made his own party. The only reason the CIA organize protest against Vučić is to show him what will happen if he continues to buy arms from Russia. For the same reason the CIA used Radulović in the parliament to organize opposition to sabotage sessions of the parliament, just after Vučić bought warplanes from Russia, they sang a song in the parliament that Vučić will fall down. So, they knew very well why the CIA is against Vučić, and they are helping to the CIA (in the name of personal profit).

My opinion is that the CIA just warn Vučić, the American snakes still want to use Vučić against Russia, it means they corrupted him in the past but he started to escape from their control. But it is possible they will try to produce “revolution” against him. Maybe Vučić escapes from Americans because he understood the CIA supports the project of big Albania that will bring a war with Serbia and the CIA will profit from the war. Therefore, he must escape from Americans and refuse to buy any arms from them. More they profit, more wars they make. Vučić is also angry that Americans support Albanians despite of Vučić being good for them in the past (fulfilling all demands of the EU/USA). Ivica Dačić was the same case like Vučić, because of personal profit when the EU gives money to Serbia, they can take a piece of cake, both are now more on the side of Russia, they started to care about the state, not only about personal profit. They can get rich and without the EU/USA, there is the money in Serbian budget. In the end, as long as Serbs and Albanians didn’t finish creating of their states, there will be new wars in the Balkans and the CIA misuse it to profit, therefore, they helped to Albanians to separate Kosovo from Serbia. Serbia is without Kosovo and many Serbs from Bosnia want to become part of Serbia, Albania wants to take part of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro because there are Albanians. But the most comic thing is that Albania is totally without military, they are 000, they don’t have even one tank (Serbia has more than 200), only with the help of Americans they can make a war and try to make big Albania. And 200 American soldiers came to Kosovo before 2 weeks, possibly to prepare Albanians for the war.

In any case, people in Serbia don’t have for whom to give a vote, as I said, the opposition was the government in the past and they stole millions, people don’t want to vote for them. Serbian economy will have to fall down because of the CIA war in the Balkans, even the CIA has the interests to keep status quo 100 years, to prolong the war, they will not really help to Albanians to make big Albania, they just misuse Albanians to make the war 100 years. The war will never finish, the same as in Israel and Palestine. There is 6 years war in Syria, the same as in Libya, 16 years in Afghanistan and 14 years in Iraq … and there is no end on the horizon, they just let Taliban to take territory back, now they sent the US soldiers to Afghanistan again. It will be so the next 100 years + they militarize Europe with the help of corrupted Merkel, Hollande, Macron, Theresa May, Rasmussen and Lofven. It looks Europeans will have to migrate to Latin America to escape from totalitarian governments in Europe, from those corrupted by the CIA and Lockheed Martin. For me, North Korea is still good and Cuba, although Cuba will face climate changes and they will get their economy/agriculture/buildings destroyed, but if you make a house with 2 meter fat walls, your house will be there even after 300 years. I grew up in a socialist society and only socialist mentality is good for me. Serbia is not socialist anymore, all people I know say that people changed and they are not good anymore. Capitalism made people greedy and crazy for money, the media are privatized and they are shit, they popularize prostitution, they make poor girls good for rich pigs: “you see, starletes/prostitutes make a lot of money, you have vagina, you can do the same,” just they forget to mention, when the men pay for sex, they don’t care to be romantic, they don’t care what women need, they have brutal and shitty behavior with prostitutes. Only women without human dignity continue to be prostitutes, they bring them from Serbia to the Croatian sea, so-called yacht’s prostitution. But rich retards are giving money to political parties and the police kiss them in the ass, Serbian cops also take money from Macros and prostitution is especially developed in Kosovo because of the presence of international soldiers. Some girls are kidnapped in Serbia/Bosnia/Montenegro and they are forced to be prostitutes in Kosovo. International soldiers don’t have a problem to fuck kidnapped women, the UN peace bullshit missions, they come to Kosovo to fuck female slaves. Western military spies drug soldiers to make them brave and crazy, soldiers fuck slaves in foreign countries, then they come back to a home country but they became little crazy from drugs and they need psychiatrist help. Just speak with veterans and you will see how many of them are mentally ill, military spies drugged them.