Lokke and Claus will have to give money back to Lockheed Martin if they continue to be so slow in manufacturing terrorism and repression, in the name of profit of the owners of Lockheed Martin, people died in London, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels…

Today, Friday August 18th, military and civilian spies pretend they are criminals and they send the police to irritate me, to push me to kill people, the cop registration plates AP 15 125, AM 94 966. It is schema they used already, the point is to irritate me enough to push me to attack people in Denmark and to steal the money from the budget, to make themselves richer. They send a crowd of spies to follow me the whole day, the police patrols 2-3 times each time I go on the street, so, the situation is clear: the CIA i.e. Lockheed Martin is not happy with Lokke, Claus, Finn and Findsen, they are slow in creating terrorist cases, there were 2 attacks in Barcelona, 2 attacks in Britain, one attack in Sweden, but nothing in Denmark. Lokke and Claus will have to give money back to Lockheed Martin if they continue to be so slow. They must intensify bullying of immigrants and Muslims to produce attacks, insecurity and repression.

Of course, Danish spies misuse their journalists to exploit attacks in other countries to justify implementation of bigger repression against Danish citizens. It is clear that all Muslims that attacked people in the UK, Fr, Se, Es (and today even in Finland) are bullied and poisoned by the secret service. People fell as victims of bullied Muslims, bullied Muslims fell as victims of spies corrupted by the CIA. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are happy, there will be increased sale of Lockheed Martin weapons to European military and the police.
In the name of profit of the owners of Lockheed Martin, people died in London, Barcelona and other cities.

How much spies and politicians are arrogant after being corrupted, it is visible in my case which is public and not hidden, the crowd of Danish politicians know that I am bullied by the spies with the aim to produce murder or terrorist attack. Danish politicians don’t care for the people, as long as their rich ass is not in the fire. They let spies to bully and poison immigrants and they know by now, the spies did the same to Omar El Hussein.

The last night, Thursday around midnight, they sent the police vehicle in the nature beside Sjellandsbroen, the same vehicle was there before one week, always in the same second when I am there. As I said, the cops and spies are together in bullying and poisoning immigrants i.e. in creating terrorist cases.

Considering my private life, beside irritating me, the spies saw I collected 100 dkk bottles on Wednesday and the next day they organized 3-4 spies to come to the CBS, but despite of them, I collected 200 dkk and I didn’t do more because it was strong raining in the evening, today they used cleaning woman to clean 6 classrooms and female snitch came to take bottles from one classroom, but I was in another building and took 150 dkk in any case. I collect bottles one week, just to cover my daily expenses for food, drinks and to buy new shoes and phone. Only for shoes and phone I can spend more than 1500 dkk.

I made sreenshots of spies in the last several days, here it is, all those people participate in manufacturing murder or terrorism, their faces should be recorded at least for historical references if not for political references, it is big thing that politicians and spies organize killing of their own people, in order to profit.

I included and two police spies beside Mjolneparken in the end of the slide, Thursday there were 5 of them, dirty cops try to catch teenagers selling one gram on the streets, to cheat politicians, they continue to take money from rich criminals. Of course, criminals disappeared, the PET agents told them who is working for the police, therefore, criminals don’t shoot police snitches. The PET, the cops and criminal are together but they must cheat politicians and some young criminals must be arrested, to check them if they will speak against the others.