Lars Lokke Rasmussen, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Soren Pape Poulsen, Finn B. Andersen and Thomas Ahrenkiel continue to manufacture terrorism to build totalitarian system, Pernille Skipper helps them

Trump made an informal meeting (background briefings) with journalists and he banned some media that worked for the CIA against him and his family. Here are the CIA media that asked to get the entry, but their requests were denied: the Guardian, the New York Times, Politico, CNN, BuzzFeed, the BBC, the Daily Mail.

The campaign for presidential elections started in Serbia and politicians again promise “milk and honey” to the people. Stereotypical phrases. The elections will be set up, the present prime minister will decide who will win, he will win, of course. Why he wants to become a president when the PM has bigger power? Because of military, that’s the only real power in hands of the president. The military is important because of Kosovo, i.e. the profit for the CIA from the sale of arms. The war is business and Vucic is working for the CIA, therefore, he made a meeting with Petreus in the past and with McCain not so long ago. They give him advice how to fuck up Russia, to pretend to be friend with them and to betray them in a critical moment, as he did about Montenegro.

Chinese politicians continue to push North Korea to depend from China, to prevent them to be an independent country. China is suspending all imports of coal from N. Korea the whole year, with the excuse of following embargo decisions of the UN. The coal export is 35% of all North Korean exports. Chinese wants to make N. Korea to depend from China and N. Korea refuses China more and more, it is visible that the Chinese became slaves of Apple and other American and Japanese corporations. At this moment, the Chinese are trying to kiss Americans in the ass, with this step against North Korea, but the Chinese will not gain anything with that considering Trump is against China. If socialism in North Korea loses the fight against South Korea, American soldiers will come to the border with China. So, China must support North Korea because of America. This ban of the export is just a try to kiss Trump in the ass. China uses North Korea as a “buffer zone” to prevent American soldiers to come to the border with China. Chinese politicians sold their people to American exploiters, the Chinese ambassador in Copenhagen and his spies invested money in the drug business and must kiss Danish Nazi spies in the ass, i.e. the Chinese help to Danish Nazis against me, in the name of profit from drugs. The Chinese politicians are like criminals, they sell anyone they can, even their own country. I think I sent an email to the North Korean embassy, long time ago, to warn them that they should not trust to the Chinese ambassador in Copenhagen. Liu Biwei worked in America and he sold his ass to the CIA. Now he sells himself to the CIA and to Danish spies. That’s so when diplomats want to make money from drugs, they must be good for American and Danish secret service, to be able to import drugs into Denmark.

This Saturday morning FE-DDIS Nazi colonists came to the nature to help to their chief Thomas Arenkiel to suck dick of Robert Uggla. They sent 20 colonist rats in the nature, I knew if there are so many of them, they wait for a moment that I go out from the house, to access my food. I go out to hide my sleeping bags and to piss in the nature, and they can use this 5 minutes to access my bag. When I came back, I saw 2 rats in the house, I recorded them, I knew it will be like that. I didn’t drink mineral water from my bag, I waited to come to Netto to buy Cola, to drink. I had and choco-cream I bought yesterday but I didn’t open the package. Now I opened to eat and I had what to see, it was already opened. Picture below. I can’t throw away the food every day, I am not enough rich for that, I decided to eat it, to see what will happen with my health.

The last 2 days, PET Nazi agents used criminals and cops to follow me. They used also cleaning woman in Dalgas Have to prevent me to take bottles, I didn’t touch seminar rooms, she took 300dkk Friday evening, but she visited every room in the whole building to take bottles, it means, she works for the PET agents against people who have different nationality, color of skin, etc. She is part of racism, she is not just taking 300 dkk and “who gives a shit for 10 more bottles in the building”. She takes and last bottle and she gets something from PET agents to behave like that. Maybe they imagined working place for her, to give bread/salary to their snitch. She cleans 12 toilets in 3 floors, only 4 toilets per floor, and she gets salary for that, she stays there 8 hours and she works effectively just 2 hours, 3 times going to clean all toilets. Even if she cleans only one time during the day, it would be enough. She doesn’t clean classrooms, just when she sees me, she pretends she clean it, to take bottles. Only from one seminar room, I took 100 dkk bottles on Tuesday, she takes every day from 3 classrooms. That’s about 1500 dkk per week, therefore, PET Nazi agents take care that I don’t take it. In any case, this week they had some talks in amphitheaters in Solbjegs Plads and I took 2 times 120 dkk bottles. It was too heavy for students to take it, many bottles are not empty and the plastic bag is heavy. I had to empty bottles to be able to bring it to the food store.

The point is clear: at one side, they harass their targets, at the other side, they poison their targets, to produce attacks against Danish citizens. The same they did to Omar El-Hussein and to this girl in so-called Kungby case. She wanted in theory to bomb her school, it means PET agents used their kids to harass her, to push her to hate Danes. The same they did to Omar, he had problems with pupils in the school, they are kids of parents that work for the secret service, already in teen time, they are recruited to spy and harass Muslims and immigrants. That’s how they keep immigrants isolated and not integrated in society, 75% of refugees who are 17 years in Denmark are unemployed. That’s politics, it is not the result of labor market, communities where refugees are accommodated are full of spies who take care to keep refugees isolated from society. The same as they took care to prevent any Danish women to be with me, they do the same to all refugees. Mesa Hodzic was also the victim of such racist politics realized by the secret service. To make propaganda against immigrants, they harass some immigrants to push them to make attacks, after that, they have basis to turn Danish citizens against immigrants, to justify repression fo fascist Rasmussen against immigrants, to convince society that Rasmussen is not bad than good when he is a racist. They create consent of society for racist politics, to secure votes for the ruling party. But Danish people party profit from that, not only Rasmussen. Rasmussen made DF popular and he weakened his party, but he doesn’t give a shit, he cares to get millions from the CIA (boeing, lockheed martin) and to go to pension full with money. The same as Helle Schmidt, she destroyed social democracy and bye bye, she doesn’t give a shit, she got a job from the CIA in London. Between the party and money, they chose money. PET agents could never manufacture terrorism without approval from the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Minister of Justice. All of them want to take money from the CIA and implement the totalitarian system in Denmark. Why they have interest to produce attack at the university? To implement the prison system at university, maximum control, to control students even when they fart, with the excuse they protect them from terrorist attacks. Students are first to protest in any country in this world, therefore, they are infiltrated and spied like that they are Al Qaeda. Implementation of repression and totalitarian system against the whole society includes repression against students and to do it, they must produce attacks against students. For the same purpose they sent criminals to break university buildings, to bring PET security, then this security is misused to spy Danish students and to harass immigrants.

Therefore, I can say, Michael Moore asked why Americans are so violent and they make attacks in schools, while Canada is so peaceful, is something wrong with Americans? But he didn’t understand that these attacks were manufactured by the CIA. They produce attacks to militarize society and implement bigger control of society, with the aim to create a totalitarian system like in the 19th century. The only reason why western workers got better life after WWII was the fear of billionaires from socialism, from confiscating property of rich people, therefore, America gave so much money to western Germany, to make capitalism richer than socialism, to secure capitalism from “socialist threat”, from the threat of nationalization of property which is today in the hands of billionaires.

For the same reason Nazi PET agents infiltrate Enhedslisten, i.e. they give money to Pernille Skipper (and to Johane Nielsen and to Soren) to control decisions made by the party, to fight against anyone that mention “blasphemy” word: revolution. Billionaires misuse secret service to corrupt leftists to hunt leftists who mention forbidden word: revolution. But … corruption of leftist is misused for something else: poisoning immigrants and getting support from the fake Oversight of Intelligence which member is also Pernille Skipper. Johane knows from 2012 that I am poisoned and I am still poisoned, Pernille knows from 2015. That’s so when they take money from Nazi PET agents. The power of politicians is their public voice, whatever they say, the media will publish it, they can give voice to the voiceless and to immigrants, as in theory their party (EL) propagates to do, but in reality, they took the money from PET Nazis and they refuse to inform the public about harassment and poisoning of people with the aim to create terrorist attacks i.e. to implement bigger and bigger control of society. Attacks are just a step in creating totalitarian system, the same as bringing PET security and network admins to the Life Science in Sept.2014, all of that was just a step and Pernille was warned by me, what the Nazis are doing. She didn’t give a shit, she will get 50 000 dkk salary in any case. She is part of repression against leftists (and students) in the time of creating totalitarian system. Everything in the name of profit for billionaires, they profit from building a totalitarian system.

Hate and killings made by Omar + turning young girl in Kungby to hate Danes and Jews and to get wish to kill them, all of that is responsibility of the fake Oversight of Intelligence that decided to take money from the PET Nazis and let them to produce terrorist cases through harassment and poisoning. Where is the logic that Danish girl who become Muslim hate Jews? It is clear that Muslim spies infiltrated her life and made her hot to hate Jews. They made shit to her in the school, and she got wish to bomb the school. They manufactured the whole case. Pernille could see it in my case, how the PET/FE-DDIS agents manufacture the hate against Danish citizens. She got emails from me every time they poisoned me, every time they drove cars on me, every time spies convinced the girls to refuse to have anything with me, and when they sent criminals to fuck women I liked, all of that was done to push me to kill people in Denmark. But she took money from them and she pretends that all of that is not true, they just try to kick me out from Denmark and there is nothing bad about it. It is clear that she is part of creating totalitarian system and terrorist cases are just one step in creating such system. After all shit they do to manufacture terrorism, they go to the media with a Nazi statement: Islam is responsible for terrorism i.e. we are good guys when we kill and steal energy resources from Muslims. They create terrorism and they misuse it to steal the oil cake from other people, just, so much oil is a big cake, in Mali, it is a gold cake. Pernille gets money from the PET that is stolen from other societies and they have her support about that. Real fake leftist.