Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen use again racist security workers against immigrants

Poor Nazi spies used Wednesday evening security and Lebanese idiots to follow me with cars, when I stopped beside Netto (beside venstre prison) to buy food, Danish PET prostitutes jumped to kiss Lebanese in front of me. She jumped and caught him with legs and hands. They got money to provoke me, obviously their target was Pernille Skipper. The FBI didn’t shoot Martin Luther King, they found moron who hate black people to make him hot to kill Martin. They do the same in Denmark, they provoke me to push me to attack Pernille. There was and taxi driver again, reg plate JD 29 997 around 23:35 pm.

Today in the morning, they sent 2 bitches to pass beside my tent, to wake me up by talking, and later again they sent a crowd of spies with bikes and security snitches from Rosenorns Alle came beside biology, the life science. All in all, the last evening and today before afternoon, they used racists from security companies to follow me and to provoke me.
Later afternoon, they sent also moto snitches when I was going to Lidel, moto reg plate HN 14 707, 16:54pm. Moron waited 3 hours that I go out so he can drive beside me. And he got paid for that. Nazi spies continue to steal money from society. Except the moto moron beside Lidel, they sent and 2-3 Africans, I recorded one of them.

Joca Amsterdam still sits in the prison, since April 2009, because of sissy criminals who suck dick of secret service and did everything to sabotage that someone set him free from the prison. Today I wrote an email to the Minister of justice demanding punishment of prosecutor who didn’t let him to include 3 years of custody in the prison sentence, now he can charge the state for 500 000 Eur because they kept him in the custody between April 2009 and December 2012 for the murder but the judge refused to make him guilty for that murder, then they sentenced him 15 years for another murder and they refuse to include 3 years of custody in this 15 years. Why prosecutor make expenses for Serbian society? 500 000 eur for just one person. People hate judicial system in Serbia, Europe demand changes of such system, and prosecutors continue to do shit for our society. Average salary is 400 eur and they will have to pay to just one person 500 000. Joca was working for Tito secret service, he didn’t work for western racist spies, therefore, they kept him 4 years in custody in Netherlands and deported him back to Serbia, he didn’t want to sell his ass. Serbian spies keep him in the prison to make west Europe happy, and his bullshit friends who suck dick of spies prevented that someone liberate him from the prison. Those Serbian criminals that stayed in NL are working for Netherlands racist spies, therefore, they are not arrested and deported.