Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen continue to steal money from the budget and to take money from Ane Maersk Uggla, Serbian workers started hunger strike, Bitcoin fell down from 2600 to 1700 Eur

Today, Monday 17th July, the same as for weekend, Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen make revenge against me, it looks they got a little shit and they try to set me up. Today they are sending police patrols to follow me, even with cameras on the car, to scan me if I have any weapons, they use also South Koreans, etc. The point is to provoke me to attack before they arrest me, or simply to send cops to arrest me, to kiss Maersk in the ass. If they got some shit, they make revenge against me. If I get arrested, they will take more money from Ane Maersk Uggla. But as I said, I will come back from another country, they can kick me out for one or several months, then I come back.

During the weekend, it was the same, a crowd of moped and other motorcycle snitches, on Saturday when I was coming and going from the Amager beach, Sunday evening the same, they sent one snitch per minute, so, one hour 60 people x 200 dkk from the budget. It was about stealing money from the budget.
To make my small revenge, today or tomorrow, I will send information about Serbian politicians to some people.

I sold my laptop on Friday, now they have pain in the ass, they prevented me to take bottles from the CBS for nothing. The last week, betjente/worker jumped 3 days to lock classrooms where they had lectures, to provoke me and to produce an attack. Racist workers come to work for the secret service, not for the university, they care about politics. In any case, I should buy new shoes, new tent, etc… Sticks/bars for my tent are already broken, but there was strong wind many times. Only expensive tents are good for camping in the north Europe. Those who travel with Enduro motorcycles often go to Norway or some mountains and they must have good tent and sleeping bag.

Serbian president visits the United Snakes of America, to speak with the war profiteers like McCain and similar. The workers in Gosa in Smederevska Palanka started the hunger strike. They are privatized factory and the owner from Czech or Slovakia is not giving salaries. Tito also worked in this factory before WWII and made a strike. I think they produce wagons for trains, they manufacture wagons but don’t get salaries.

Bitcoin fell down from 2600 eur to 1680 eur and now it is going up again, the chance to buy it an profit is almost gone, it is still possible to profit, but the cheapest option is gone, today, it is about 1700 Eur. I think some rich people created software for automatic exchange at some websites or they employed crowd of workers to make transactions, to make demand for a commodity, and push up the price of it, now they stopped and in 2 weeks, the value fell down. 19th May it was 1700 eur, 12th June it was 2600 eur, until 6th July it was fluctuating because they needed to sell all bitcoins and on 6th July it was 2300 eur, on 17th July 1700 eur. In 10 days it fell from 2300 to 1700. Now they buy bitcoins again and they will make demand and push up the price and sell it when it is 3000 eur. But they have a software or a crowd of workers who make demands or they stop to make demands when they sell all bitcoins. Now it is good to buy 3000 bitcoins for 5 million eur and after 6 months to sell it for 15 million eur. In Denmark, you don’t need even to pay the tax for the trade with bitcoins, it is not accepted as money but it can be accepted in the future as assets and you must pay taxes on profit from the trade. That’s capitalism, poor stay poor, rich get richer, they don’t need to have a brain, just some millions and to risk.

Here are video clips from this weekend.