Lars Findsen and Finn Andersen continue to misuse the cops and security to manufacture criminal or terrorist case

Friday evening I was followed by the G4S racist security in the library and around CBS, then later they didn’t come on my way to sleeping place.

In the morning I saw police snitch in Falkoner Alle, and later during the day the same, PET agents were around with bikes and FE-DDIS with motorcycles. Saturday, again, they misused police snitch to collect bottles at the CBS, they misused kitchen workers, there were several hundreds people in one amphitheater, when I came later, nothing was there, in the rest of the building I found 40 dkk bottles, but so much should be just in one classroom. They sent also G4S to be in the hall when I walk with plastic bag with bottles, when i came back he was going after me.

All in all, Finn Andersen and Lars Findsen continue to misuse police and security against immigrants, they do it for Lockheed Martin i.e. the CIA and for Ane Maersk Uggla.

Deviant lunatic who support production of terrorism against Danes, Søren Pape Poulsen had a car accident on the highway, but nothing happened to him. If he died, many Danes would stay alive, he is lunatic who took the money from the CIA and push spies to produce killing of Danes.

Soon there will be Belgrade elections, the party of president, SNS, is trying to convince people that they didn’t sell Kosovo, they are afraid they will lose votes after they told to Serbs in Kosovo to participate in the parliament and government there. Now they make propaganda that they didn’t sell Kosovo. Belgrade has big budget, they can steal a lot of money, the mayor of Belgrade it is the most important position after Prime Minister and President.

Today, Serbian politicians i.e. financial criminals published information that the police got 710 new cars, 20 000 new uniforms/cloths, they will get 3 new helicopters, etc. It means they made themseves richer. 710 cars x 1000 Eur per car, politicians took 700 000 eur for themselves.

Political party Dveri organized protest beside TV Pink building, owned by the former communist and new capitalist Željko Mitrović, who is today misusing his TV for promoting the president Vucic and his party. Protesters used banana against Željko who came to speak against protest. The president gave him 3-4 million Eur from the budget for the media, Željko gave to the president TV ads for a cheaper price, maybe even 90% cheaper. Many Serbs hate TV Pink because of their program and reality shows that make people stupid. I support this protest, but people forget that the former smuggler of oil and cigarettes Peconi who is now the owner of TV Happy is the most responsible for stopping a ban of reality shows in Serbia. People wanted to ban reality shows, but Peconi succeeded to stop such ban. I believe that such shows are even criminal because they cheat customers, people think it is real, but everything that happens there is fake, even if they fight, to make the show more interesting, make up artist make their eyes blue, they are not really hurt. But many people see it as a real thing and not fake, therefore, it is like when you make a movie about some event, but you don’t write it is just a fiction and not a real event. They cheat people who watch such things. In the last period they bring criminals, politicians and jet set prostitutes in such shows. Journalist associations are unhappy that such shows popularize criminals. But Peconi has political connections and as Freddy Mercury said: the show must go on. The media situation in Serbia is the same as the situation in the state, the worst thing is that Happz and Pink got national frequency. Predrag Ranković Peconi was shot before several months in his legs by Rutović because of participation in privatization of chain of restaurants, they fight who will buy it.