Izabela Suder against Polish Nazi politicians corrupted by the CIA, SVM is a Hungarian racist party in Serbia, Bratislav Gašić is the new head of Serbian secret service (BIA)

The Polish woman from Krakow, Izabela Suder, made the charges in the court against the Polish PM Beata Szydło for spreading panic and racism and letting her ministers to do the same. In the application, Suder warns that Beata tolerates hate speech of her ministers and made an example of the interior minister who spread fear that polish will stay without homes because of refugees, beside him, the leader of the ruling party the Law and Justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, spread panic among Poles that refugees bring disease, plagues and parasites. Beate also misused the terrorist attacks in London to spread panic, she said to the Polish media that each refugee Muslim must be viewed as a potential terrorist. Kaczynski also said today for the media that he will refuse EU quota of refugees because the police would have to beat refugees who come from a different culture. Nazi Polish politicians forgot that they are totally different culture from Belgium, Sweden, etc., but despite of that, Poland is a member of the EU.
It looks that Izabela is a former sport woman.

The bad news from Serbia, SVM party (the association of vojvodina hungarians) wants to abolish refugee center in Subotica, they have racist reasons: refugees and criminality. There are Hungarians and Serbs who are criminals, nobody replaces them from Subotica, so, there is no place for racist moronic behavior. Such politicians spread fear and panic in society and that’s forbidden by the law. They also produce problems for the state government that is trying to find solution for refugees that succeeded to enter into Serbia. Serbian government participates in the racism of Merkel, Kurz/Austria and Lofven/Sweden who obviously paid to Vučić to stop refugees to come to Europe. Politicians create racism in the name of profit. Vučić accepted racist EU explanation for repression against refugees and misused police and military to make Merkel/Kurz/etc happy, since June 2016, Serbian cops and soldiers work for Merkel and stopped 20 000 refugees on the border with Bulgaria. Serbia today makes Merkel happy and some crazy racist Hungarian party in Vojvodina. And then, such politicians who accepted racism in the name of profit, they marked the day of victory against fascism (9th May).

The good news from Serbia: Aleksandar Knežević is not the head of Serbian secret service (BIA) any more, Tuesday 23th May, Bratislav Gašić will overtake that role, Bratislav is the former Minister of Defense who had to resign because of a sexist joke about one female journalist. He didn’t change anything in the military as the Minister, he didn’t use military intelligence against the CIA that poison Serbs in Sheveningen, for example. Serbia is still banana country. Of course, his new position is a political decision/nomination, the same morons will still work in the BIA, changing the head will not change the BIA. He got that position because Vučić trust him, not because he has knowledge about spies and their work, he will let them to do shit as they did until now, to steal money from the budget, to protect drug criminals from privileged families, and so on. He is there to do what Vučić tells him to do. Bratislav wife and kids are working in the media and production, they also own one TV (Televizija PLUS doo), some people blamed him for giving money to their companies while he was a mayor of Kruševac, but I think if he gave money to the other media also, he could not refuse to give to his family too. Bratislav has the economic degree, but his companies are in debts. As I said, it is political nomination, the BIA will stay the same shit: traitors and thieves who robbed the whole society in the time of war and the embargo and they do it today too. They are nationalist spies from the time of Kardelj and Milošević, they are not communist partizan spies from the time of Tito, Ranković i.e. WWII. These pigs had the interest to destroy Yugoslavia and get rich, they participated in separation of Yugoslavia instead to arrest separatists.

I don’t think that Vučić can reform the whole BIA, it is visible from the fact that Vučić can’t solve the problem with the football mafia, Vučić is in politics 25 years and knows many people. He can’t arrest his friends. The football mafia is untouched, they are financial criminals and they are millionaires, politicians and judges are also sitting in club boards. Beside financial criminals in sport, Vučić can’t solve the problem with the leaders of hooligans (drug dealers) who are protected by the BIA, they have each 40 criminals charges but not one day of prison, spies protect them and judges refuse to go against spies, amateur criminals who are arrested million times are still free, because they are from privileged families, rich spoiled brats shoot around, they will not sit one day in the prison. Vučić can’t solve problems with criminality because he would have to arrest his friends, the football mafia make millions Eur from the sale of players and to push the price of player higher, they set up games, their players are the best and can be sold for a bigger price. They destroy Serbian football already 20 years.
Because of the elections in April and French demands to solve problems with weapons from Balkan, Serbian Minister of police sent cops to arrest a crowd of small criminals in Serbia, almost every day they sized several kilograms cannabis and a lot of weapons and explosives. But even ordinary people who participated in the war possess illegal weapons, he can put half Serbia in the prison and big criminals don’t work with cannabis than small criminals. They do it to make Europe and France happy, and because of the elections. They don’t touch big criminals and financial criminals who are friends with politicians. In the end, they didn’t clean the police from dirty cops, so, they are not capable to arrest rich criminals. It is the same with the BIA, nothing will be changed. The BIA spies, politicians and cops protect privileged criminals. Only a new person in politics can arrest football mafia, someone who is not a friend with them. Vučić, Bratislav and Stefanović will never do it. They will just put half Serbia in the prison, to make Europe happy or to win elections. Therefore, they will never decriminalize cannabis, 80% of the police work against drugs is in fact against cannabis dealers. The cops kiss the ass of rich criminals, the same like in Denmark.

This morning Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen sent 30 spies in 2 minutes in the nature + fake fishermen, they sent and the workers (who care about the nature) to pass with vehicle when I was coming out from the nature, therefore, I went to Jagtvej again and I will go again before 5 pm, to wait for the Nazi whore who supports spies to harass immigrants, to poison us, to make racist propaganda against us and produce terrorist cases. Yesterday spies opened the shower door on the beach every 20 seconds, to disturb me when I take shower (naked), but the water was like ice, so, I gave up, I could get cold. This night, they cut the fender on my bike that protects my shoes from the rain, to make my shoes full with water and stinky. Moronic Nazi spies.