It looks Serbian spies poisoned me before one week, Julian Assange is arrested, big protest in Belgrade was not used to make revolution

Well, it looks before one week, the CIA asked Serbian spies to poison me, I got the same symptoms like in Denmark. The first thing I felt is pulsing of thyroid, then the next day tiredness in my muscle, then all other days I got pain in my head. So, the same problems like in Denmark. Something happened last week and they decided to poison me, maybe they think somebody will help me to achieve what I want. Spies also send their idiots in the public transport to have conflict with me, they repeat the same thing every day, so, it is visible that spies send their idiots to produce problems.

Last days are black days for journalism, British colonists kidnapped Julian Assange and put him in the prison, possibly they will poison his food and use criminals against him, if not in Britain then in the USA. That’s the purpose of very weak charges against Julian: “he supported Manning to give him more secrets”. Well, all journalists support their whistle-blowers to give them more information. In any case, the CIA and military spies target Julian and before one month they started propaganda against him, so, I wrote on twitter that they will arrest Julian and therefore they prepare the public by making propaganda against him. Unfortunately, I was correct. When spies want to arrest or kill someone, they start to turn the public against him.

We had protest on 13 April in Belgrade, more than 30 000 people, I can’t say exactly, but stupid fake oppositional leaders didn’t use this situation to make revolution. They are infiltrated by fake opposition that works for Serbian secret service, and their job was to sabotage revolution. Vuk Draskovic also had big protest 9 march 1991 and he didn’t use it to make revolution, if he made it, Yugoslavia would separate in peaceful way and we would not have a war, embargo, visa system, etc. Now on 13 April, they didn’t make revolution and they are responsible for the future situation in Serbia, including behavior of the president about Kosovo. In any case, all oppositional leaders are part of the system, they are full with money, they belong to higher class/stalege, they don’t want to take the risk to make revolution, they enjoy in any case, they just fight to become the government. They are not hungry, they don’t have problems ordinary people have. Therefore, they don’t have the support in society, 30 000 people is in any case small number, all people expected 100 000 and more. People hate political parties and politicians in Serbia, all people and many media say: we need a new face in politics. Somebody who is part of ordinary people, who is not elite. People will give a vote for him.

I will add later video from the protest…