International Migrants Day 18 December

The official immigration policy of political parties and of the governments can be totally different from their real behavior. Many politicians speak what their voters like to hear, but in reality they behave differently.

For example, Danish Social Democracy in the past rhetorically supported immigrants, but in reality they made the law against immigrants, they supported also punishment for Danes that marry with immigrants: they get kicked out from DK 2 years. Later, when they lost voters, they started to openly support fascist politics against immigrants, to get fascist voters to vote for SD. In theory, SD is a left-wing party, in reality, they are fascist party. Leftist Unity (Enhedslisten) also verbally supports immigration, but in reality their leaders support fascist behavior of the state departments and its employees, EL leaders are following the behavior of Social Democracy. It means, they will also lose voters, the same as SD. Of course, it doesn’t mean that every member of some party is bad, leaders are bad and they speak one thing and do another thing, therefore, they lose voters during the time, they lose members of their party. Other Danish parties are even openly fascists, in rhetoric and in behavior.

That’s because rich people, billionaires, finance all parties, not only one, if they don’t finance some leftist party, they start to use the secret service to the corrupt leaders of the party and to change the party or to destroy it. Political parties that take the money from rich people, they make the law as rich people need it: for example, the racist visa system produces illegal immigrants, it means cheap labor/slaves for the rich people. But the war produced by the CIA and Americans, in which also EU riches and parties participate, is the biggest reason for the relocation of people from Africa and Asia to Europe, the same was with Yugoslavia before 25 years. Rich people profit from the war, they profit from illegal immigrants that are cheap labor, they make business from security (selling military equipment to the police and military that secure borders, etc).

It is clear that EU workers don’t have any interest from racism, from creating cheap labor, immigrants will get jobs from riches and not Danes if immigrants work for 3 times smaller salary, only for those who are high educated Danes, (low educated) immigrants are not competition for them in the labor market. Rich people and politicians care about profit, not about low educated Danes. If there is no Visa system, rich people would have to pay immigrant workers the same as Danish workers, it means employers would chose workers on the basis of skill and education, not on the basis of possibility for exploitation, i.e. bigger profit for the owner of business.

Shortly said, politicians financed by rich people create the legal frame for economic exploitation, for slavery, even for illegal prostitution that is also one form of slavery. Legal and illegal businessmen misuse legal frame (visa system) to exploit immigrants, i.e. to get richer faster. Politicians are directly responsible for the criminality that is the result of their visa system.

To convince Europeans that exploitation of immigrants is good and not bad, to get the consent of society for the politics of the government, spies and their spying apparatus in the whole Europe (politicians, journalists, even workers in homeless shelters, etc) are spreading racism in society. For the purpose of racist propaganda, they also send cops and their snitches to homeless shelters to arrest poor immigrants who didn’t get a job. In Denmark, racism is spread against southern EU citizens (Romanians, etc), not only against Africans, etc. If you come from Amsterdam, you are equal with Danes, you come from an old colonial country and the colonists (robbers) respect each others, if you come from Budapest or Bucharest, they keep you without a job, they spy you to arrest you if you decide to be a criminal, it is all small criminality and the only purpose of arresting immigrants is to make racist propaganda in the media. Romanians stay one month in the prison, not 5 or 10 years, they get deported and they come back again, nothing change, they arrest immigrants just to make racist propaganda to get the consent of society for the politics of the government. “If the government realizes racism and creates slaves for riches, government is good and not bad, people should love the Gov and give a vote for the Gov”. That’s already the sign that spies have the influence on the media, rich people also own media, together they popularize the government and work against opposition parties that usually speak against the Gov.

Of course, propaganda is not always successful, people see what is happening, they are not stupid, they watch their personal interests, they are against racist politics, it is not the interest of Danes to have cheap immigrant workers as competition. Social Democracy lost voters, Lars Løkke Rasmussen lost voters, members of both parties are against fascism and racism, but leadership continues to serve rich people and to realize racist politics, therefore, despite the propaganda, their parties become weaker and weaker.

Of course, rich people and spies play political games, they made racist DF (Danish People Party) more popular with the help of their media, but if DF doesn’t serve the interest of riches, rich people and PET agents will create one more racist party that will take voters from DF and realize the interests of riches. For example, the CIA and American banks can finance Rasmussen, they need corporate, global fascism and not local fascism, the CIA can create competition to DF, one more fascist party in Denmark that will not prefer local fascism than corporate, international fascist capital (American banks). For example, DF can be against the war that produce refugees, that’s not good for American banks, they will create one more corporate fascist party in Denmark that will be good for American billionaires (global corporate fascism). Le Pen in France, DF in DK and Geert Wilders in Holland are local fascists, Americans need corporate, liberal fascists.

Members of Venstre are liberal, but against fascism, therefore, they leave the party, they are against leadership that is liberal fascist. Rasmussen is destroying his own party, the same as Helle destroyed Social Democracy. Therefore, the CIA and PET agents created Nye Borgerlige (The New Right). In any case, fascists always misuse economic reasons to justify fascism against immigrants, fascism is the extreme form of capitalism: creating profit for riches with implementing a totalitarian system (against the whole society and making the worse situation for foreign slaves).

Considering immigrants, those who come To Europe as refugees because of the war are victims of American and European imperialist politics. They are victims of the US/EU billionaires and politicians like Obama/Bush/Rasmussen/Hollande/Merkel/etc that are bribed by American banks. Economic immigrants are also victims of exploitation, we know that France and Britain made all shit in Africa and therefore Africans are poor, 2000 Africans per day are coming to the coast of Italy since 2011 (the fall of Qaddafi). The Cold War also resulted in separation of The Soviet Union and later Yugoslavia, refugees are also the result of western politics (abolishing socialism, supporting separation ideas and forces i.e. creating the war to destroy the socialist country). The cold war was also made to make western billionaires happy, to expand their market and profits. For the same reason they created the EU, not to make poor Europeans happier, than to make rich people richer. But America doesn’t need competition, they corrupted many EU leaders and they work on destroying the EU, they even blame Putin for that, but America corrupted EU politicians, America makes war, America produce refugees, Americans made a mass migration from Syria to Europe, the CIA anti-Assad Muslims make terrorist actions in Europe, the CIA makes profit from insecurity in Europe. The CIA blames Putin for problems in Europe. Americans want subordinated Europe, not equal Europe. That’s how American billionaires will own Europe and get even richer than today, they started with pushing down oil prices to buy EU oil companies for small money, and again, they said, “it is an oil price war with Russia, not with Europe”. When they open mouth, they lie.

But it is important also to say, many immigrants from poor countries didn’t get the real picture about the West, therefore, so many of people are dreaming to come to the West, I don’t speak depending from my situation, my situation is a product of racism of spies, generally, Europe is full with racism and only high educated immigrants are welcomed and not discriminated, all others will get shit and they will have to become criminals to get a normal life. Even those born in the West in an immigrant family have no chance to get normal life, they get lower grades in the school and they are discouraged to study. Many Yugoslavian become criminals in the West, they came to find a job, they were never criminals before coming to the West. Serbian media, politicians, repeat mantra that Europe is paradise, “we should become like Europe” even Europe is fascism and not respect for human rights, they repeat lies and the mantra to “hypnotize people”, to justify their politics of becoming a member of the EU. They convince society that Europe is Vow (something like trendy product you should like to have), even it is just racism and the only future for many immigrants is to become criminals. Romania is many years in the EU and they have still the same salaries as Serbs, those Romanians that relocated to the EU, they are discriminated and hunted by fascist spies, cops and their snitches, to make propaganda against immigrants and convince society that “the fascist government is good and not bad, and to be a fascist it means to be a patriot, if you like immigrants, you are a traitor”.
Danish spies even give money to girls to help them to fuck up immigrants, as they did with bitches from Rosenørns Alle, just now it is visible, they didn’t want to kick me out from DK than they wanted to produce the conflict between me and criminals on the basis of women. If it fails, they will arrest some criminals and blame me for that, and the cops and prosecutors will help to Nazi spies about that. Criminals will sell them some less important criminal to be arrested (2-3kg cocaine), then they will do the job for spies and attack me. That’s how they sell drugs. Those who have 100kg or 1000kg, the cops and spies will always help them and they will never get arrested. There is no drug on the street without cops and secret service, in every country in this world, and Denmark is No4 in Europe by the usage of cocaine, only Spain, UK and Ireland are above Denmark on the ranking list. Denmark and Holland are No4. In any case, if they attack me, I am sure, Finn Andersen will lose his job, he created schema to use Hells Angels and his spies to fuck several women I liked, he creates schema that criminals get arrested “because of me”. It is the cheap Nazi trick, all the time covered with a bullshit story they wanted to kick me out from Denmark. Finn will also lose his job if I attack Elisabeth or any person connected with bitches from Rosenørns Alle. He created that shit. Members of the Oversight of Intelligence should also lose their jobs, they supported such Nazi tricks. Finn, his spies and the Oversight members create criminal acts against immigrants or criminal act of an immigrant against family and their “associates” in Rosenørns Alle. For the Chinese and the CIA (Phebe Novakovic) I don’t care, they are the problem of Serbian international criminals, Serbs will get arrested and the Chinese/CIA will overtake their business. If Serbs become true blood criminals, they can send someone to “visit” Phebe, she also armed mujahedin in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, it means she created Osama Bin Laden, and I am sure she participated in separation of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. She also hunted Serbs (Darko Šarić) that bought cocaine from the communist FARC and not from fascist pro-American producers of cocaine in the Latin America. Phebe Novakovic and David H. Morrison: 960 Towlston Rd, Mc Lean, VA 22102, USA. Working address: General Dynamic Corporation, 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 22042, USA.

The UN website says shortly, immigrants contribute to development in a new country and they also send money to their home country that becomes better in an economic sense: Throughout human history, migration has been a courageous expression of the individual’s will to overcome adversity and to live a better life. Today, globalization, together with advances in communications and transportation, has greatly increased the number of people who have the desire and the capacity to move to other places. This new era has created challenges and opportunities for societies throughout the world. It also has served to underscore the clear linkage between migration and development, as well as the opportunities it provides for co-development, that is, the concerted improvement of economic and social conditions at both origin and destination.

The total number of international migrants has increased from an estimated 175 million in 2000 to 244 million persons in 2015. Nearly two thirds of all international migrants live in Europe (76 million) or Asia (75 million). 10% of them are under the age of 15. Many advanced and dynamic economies need migrant workers to fill jobs that cannot be outsourced and that do not find local workers willing to take them at going wages. Population ageing also underlies this growing demand, as it gives rise to deficits of workers relative to dependants. And as younger generations become better educated, fewer in their ranks are content with low-paid and physically demanding jobs.

On September 19, 2016 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a set of commitments during its first ever summit on large movements of refugees and migrants to enhance the protection of refugees and migrants. These commitments are known as the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (NY Declaration). The NY Declaration reaffirms the importance of the international protection regime and represents a commitment by Member States to strengthen and enhance mechanisms to protect people on the move. It paves the way for the adoption of two new global compacts in 2018: the global compact on refugees and the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.

Of course, member states never respected any declaration they signed, it is all just blah, blah, racism and billionaires are more important to politicians than the UN declarations and conventions. As long as the billionaires profit from insecurity, war and immigration, politicians will produce for riches everything they need in order to profit.