I had a strong pain in my head, Danish cops and the CIA followed me, spies prepared the situation to kill immigrants, workers in Serbian Fiat are striking, the new Serbian government is chosen, Slovenia got access to the international waters from the arbitration court

Today, Thursday 29th June 2017, the main thing is that I had a strong pain in my head, in the morning and later, several hours, it stopped about 3pm. It looks soon I will get a stroke, Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen did the job for the Maersk family and for the CIA (Phebe Novakovic), after they put money in the ass of Pernille Skipper and other bribed members of the Oversight. Today I was followed only by some CIA spies in the morning, Danish spies came later, the same as the last night (CIA spies) 28th June, but the last night there were and police snitches when I was going to sleep. One moto registration plate was BD 92 463.

In any case, to poison and kill an immigrant, Danish spies had to prepare the terrain: they used their spies among leftists (socialists and communists) to convince them that I fake my sickness and then later when death happens, their job will be to pacify leftists and keep their trust in the secret service. Simply, if people don’t believe that spies are good guys, they will not collaborate with spies and spies will not be able to do their real job. It is the same case with the Russian spies in Copenhagen who had to answer to Russians why they don’t help to the Serb? I visited their church and Russians know for me, they are on the side of the Serbs, not on the side of DK and NATO. Spies had to convince Russians that nothing is possible to do about me and of course, they will never say to the Russians that they helped to Danish spies to be able to make money from drugs. They gave the time to Danes to use Polish to make confusion for me, and they gave the time to Danes to poison me. The same as Danes, Russians must believe that spies are good guys and they don’t have anything to do with the drug business. Convince people that nothing is possible to do and let the Danes to poison him and … make a profit from drugs. All their activities were about it. Danish spies had their activities and Russian spies had their activities. Just Danes will have more activities after I get a stroke, first they will hide it from leftists, then they will use their spies to control leftists and to convince them that I died naturally and spies had nothing to do with it. Then they will cash out money from Anne Maersk Uggla and from the CIA, they will also let Russian to develop business with Danish criminals, corruption is what Danes and the CIA need, to keep the Russians under control, to use traitors to sabotage any Russian activity when the conflict escalate in 2018. The CIA will use Poland and Estonia to produce conflict in 2018 and later NATO to attack Russia, at the same time they will organize protests in more Russian cities against Putin. The job of traitors in Copenhagen will be to stay passive or to help to the CIA to sabotage Russian activities in Denmark.

Workers in Serbian Fiat are striking, they demand only 60 eur bigger salary, from 350 to 410 Eur, but Fiat refused even to speak with workers and the government. Managers abolished third shift and demand the same number of produced cars (Fiat 500), people work more intensive but the managers refused to give them better salary. The owners of Fiat, the same as German car manufacturers, were connected with Mussolini, after WWII, the National Liberation Committee in Italy removed the Agnelli family from leadership roles in Fiat because of its ties to Mussolini’s government. These were not returned until 1963, when Giovanni’s grandson, Gianni, took over as general manager until 1966, as chairman until 1996.

The new Serbian government is chosen by the parliament. 157 deputies supported Ana Brnabić, 55 didn’t, 38 were absent. There will be 18 ministries and 3 more, to satisfy careerists from political parties. It is coalition government consisted mostly of people loyal to Vučić, so, he can continue to make himself rich (and they will get a piece of cake, of course). In any case, the real ruler is Vučić (president), others are there to serve him. The last one year Vučić was busy with overtaking the power in his party and in the country, now he got what he wanted. By the way, crazy rich racist, Nenad Popović will be the Minister for innovation and tech.
“Digitization (e-gov, good for Americans), education and economic development” will be the priority. The proof that it is blah blah is the fact that education is commercialized, people don’t have salary to pay the education, an average salary in Belgrade is 400 Eur in the rest of Serbia 200 Eur and 2 semesters cost from 800 to 3000 Eur + living expenses in Belgrade.
Beside it, Vučić glorified IT development and promised investment of the state in wide-spreading of the IT education, but in the end, he gave just 10M Eur from the budget for expanding the IT university. Blah Blah and in the end, nothing. Instead to produce software and hardware in Asia, many European companies could chose Serbia, but it is just blah blah. By the way, Igor, brother of Ana Brnabić is on the board of Asseco-see, an IT company from Poland with a chapter in Serbia, he has there 52 000 Eur and the turnover of the company was 32 million Eur. This company already got dozens of contracts with the government in Serbia, obviously Ana and her brother use this company to take out the money from the Serbian budget. Financial criminality. Ana was also one time punished in 2014 for driving her car under the influence of alcohol. Agency for environmental protection made a court process against Ana in 2015 because of her behavior with production waste. Ana just gives promises the same as Vučić, they will just make themselves rich, the YouTube video below is about Theresa May, but it is valid also for Serbian politicians.

An international arbitration court has handed Slovenia a victory in its long-standing border dispute with Croatia, awarding it direct access to international waters in the Adriatic Sea, but Zagreb says it will reject the court decision. The Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration on June 29 ruled that Slovenia should have “uninterrupted access” to the sea in the dispute over 13 square kilometers comprising the Bay of Piran. Slovenia has just 46 kilometers of shoreline. Croatia has a coastline of some 1,700 kilometers. Judge Gilbert Guillaume said the corridor would provide Slovenia with “uninterrupted and uninterruptable” access to high seas from its territorial waters.