I gave blood for the liver test, spies continue to produce stroke, the CIA against Trump, Serbian comments about the attack in Manchester

South Korean ambassador still misuse his spies to help to the CIA and Lars Johan Findsen (FE-DDIS) to produce a murder or terrorist case in Denmark. Monday 29th May 2017, I was massively followed by the CIA spies and Danish military spies who came also this Tuesday morning again. They continue the same as before. I think the last 2 nights I heard someone coming beside my tent 2 o’clock in the night, if they come, they come to do something.

Monday I gave my blood for the (liver) test, spies had one week period to change my health picture, so the blood results will be as they want. I will get results after 10 days, the next Wednesday (Monday is a holiday). If they changed something about my health in the last week, they didn’t change their trying to provoke a stroke, the liver/blood test will not show any problems about heart and brain. The doctor before one week concentrated on my gaining weight and tiredness in my muscle (possibility of tumor), not on my pain in my head which I mentioned too. Now it is possibly 4 weeks I have the pain in my head, although first 2 weeks it was very strong, now there is a pain several times per day, but not so strong like in the past. In any case, there is no 100% prevention from stroke, I don’t drink/smoke, spies destroyed my cardiovascular system so I can’t make sport, ultrasound of arteries of my neck, of heart and brain can show if something is bad, but, nobody will give you an ultrasound for 3 things if you don’t produce profit to billionaires i.e. you don’t have health insurance. There are some medicament that can be used in the case of pain in the head, but it is not a real solution, it will not stop stroke 100%, the real solution is medical examinations and even better: stopping spies to prepare food for immigrants. I eat the food prepared by spies more than 5 years.
Therefore, for this pain in my head are responsible members of the oversight of intelligence, they support spies to poison immigrants, to produce stroke, heart attack or tumor. They are crazy, they support spies even to manufacture terrorism against the Danes. They are really lunatics and Pernille Skipper is one of them. For me it is important that I informed international subjects about Danish Nazi spies and racist bribed members of the oversight, all people should know that terrorism is manufactured and that they damage the health of immigrants.
Me personally, the same as any other person in this world, must die before or later, even if you are 80 years old, you don’t like to die, but all people must die before or later. I had 50 funerals before the age of 20, I could see a lot of things about the life and human behavior, at least 2 times, children of a dead person made jokes and fun, they behaved like that they didn’t come to a funeral. Some people died in the war, some people jumped in a swimming pool and died, some people died in car accidents, some died from tumor… and many died young. But they were not poisoned by spies and spies didn’t have the support from the racist bribed Oversight, to kill people. They kill people and they stay unpunished.

The CIA journalists continue to make the media campaign against Trump, he still refuses the war with Russia or they want to create the atmosphere to kill the president and create a civil war, then they can bankrupt the US and private companies can overtake the role of the state. In any case, the CIA make propaganda to represent Trump as an incompetent person, they make attention on unimportant things like handshaking in this or that way, like that the president is traveling just to shake hands with other presidents. They are making him to look like a circus, even he made a deal for the military industry with Saudi Arabia. It is characteristic they want to remove Jared Kushner out of the Gov, and he is the main Trump connection with the Jews, and the CIA manufactured attacks in France in which anti-Assad Muslims killed Jews.
And Merkel and other politicians in the EU speak against Trump, they coordinate themselves with the CIA and participate in propaganda against Trump. They are the same those politicians who allowed to the CIA to manufacture terrorism in their countries: France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, now and Britain. They even pretend they care about the climate changes and they criticize Trump, hahaha. If they care about the climate, I will jump from the bridge, they care only about money.
Of course, I just state the facts, I don’t support Trump. Trump is an AmeriKKKan snake the same as the CIA and Donald Rumsfeld, Trump wants to exploit people on the basis of color of skin, and to deport those who are “too much on the slave market i.e. they are not exploited by snakes”. More slaves are coming than rich snakes need it, therefore, they deport slaves, black slaves that are born in AmeriKKKa and can’t be deported, they are arrested and kept million years in the prison, to be exploited by the snakes for one dollar per month (Rumsfeld also own companies that own private prisons). Rich snakes will be always fascists because fascism brings them profits. To abolish fascism, people must abolish capitalism i.e. confiscate property owned by rich snakes.

Serbian comments about the attack in Manchester

– I believe that those who should know for this attack, they knew it, but they didn’t react. Islamic State to the Tokyo. Just let them to still believe in Theresa May, Macron, Merkel and other global perverts who lead them and let them watch how their children die because of those perverts.

– They got punished for torturing Serbia, and it is just the beginning, easy, British scum.

– This is nothing comparing with the cheap labor that is coming from Syria.

– My deepest condolences to Anglic and friendly British people. I’m kidding of course. This is nothing compared to what they really deserve.

– Legitimate target! The same as it was the passenger train in Grdelicka klisura, as the RTS (radio TV Serbia), as the small Milica Rakić!

– So many sick idiots in one place, is it possible that you are happy because 20 people died and more than 50 crippled?

– It is sick to be sorry for criminals instead to be sorry for your own (people).

– Again an inside job done by the national security service, similar to what is happening in France too. And crazy people who are happy are crazy.

– 22 dead of which many children … Muslim suicide bombers …. And British supported the expansion of Islam in the Balkans and the rise of Islamic terrorism and extremism at the expense of us Serbs …. What goes around – comes around. That’s what happens when the west supported Islamic fanatics against us Orthodox Serbs.

– Did we say to the Brits and the Americans that it will kick them back in their head their support for Islamic terrorism and Wahhabism in the Balkans i.e. Bosnian and Albanians? Yes, we did. Did we say to them that it will kick them back in their head their support for Muslim terrorists in Syria and Iraq and Libya? Yes, we did. They got the bill to collect.

– Spies most likely let/allowed this to happen! They need this attack for some calculation! The same as 11 September!

– They flee and escape in panic, now they see what was the situation for us when they bombed us from 10km height, British gang, you supported the same Islamist in Kosovo.

– Brits are not only supporting Islamist, but they created these crazy people in collaboration with their friends from the United States and the Arabian Peninsula. They created a Frankenstein whom they can no longer control and who uses the tactics against which there is no defense.

– These vicious British and Americans thought they can use Muslim fanatics and terrorists as a tool for achieving its global geopolitical interests. They didn’t understand that for Muslims, every unbeliever is an enemy that should be killed, and one time you let that evil to go out of the box, you can’t put it back anymore.

– I’m not religious, but in the Bible there is one perfect sentence for such occasions: “As you sow so shall you reap.”

– Another cowardly act of terrorists. Of course they had no balls to attack the enemy army that torture them, but cowardly civilians who have no power or the influence. Another pressure on people.

– Did Brits felt sorry for our victims? They didn’t, even they bombed us without shame and sadness.

and sooo on … there are many many comments…