German spies passed the CIA exam: How to manufacture terrorism and get rich?

Danish Nazi spies are suffering because there was no attack in Denmark than in Germany. That’s bad business for them, they will not get more money from the budget, the CIA will not sell so easy weapons to Denmark if there is no terrorism. They must create some cases if they want more money.

Today Nazi spies sent only 2 toadies in the nature with bikes, in the city they drove cars on me, their snitch drove car on a red light and could kick a man with a bike in Falkoner Alle, it was red for her and streets are all the time full with people and drivers, but she wanted to make problem to me, it was green for me to cross the street. Nazi spies are not professional drivers, they are dangerous for Danish citizens.

The last night (Thursday) Nazi spies sent their Nazi sissy criminals to follow me (sissy angels), and before 2 nights they sent South Koreans, Polish and Ukrainians to pretend they are Russians and North Koreans (they stole from taxpayers 100 000 dkk for that one night). They could bring and North Koreans who sold themselves and got political asylum from Danish Nazi spies. I warned Minister of Justice that it is ideological bullshit and it is his job to stop them, or he can face Danish society if his Nazi agents produce attacks in Denmark. I am sure his party will go to history if Danish citizens get attacked because he allowed to spies to harass immigrants. Only Danes that work for the secret service are racists and Nazis, but they are a minor part of society, all others would turn themselves against the Minister and his Conservative party. The PET media will never succeed to control 100% of society and my story is already well-known to many international subjects, even to the UN human rights commissioner (poisoning my food (attempted murder), driving cars on me (attempted murder), using criminals against me, etc).

In any case, Danish Nazi spies continue to do to me what Italians and Germans did to Tunisian Anis Amri in Italy and in Berlin. Their spies harassed him to hate Italians and Germans and in the end they let him to kill people (they stopped to spy him in September). Since terrorism became the spy’s business, people are dying.

Anis Amri came to Italy from Tunisia in 2011 when western colonists/robbers killed Qaddafi and the CIA colonists produced Arab Spring, 2000 Africans are coming daily to the Italy, already 6 years, since the death of Qaddafi. Tunisia was occupied and robbed by French from 1881 until 1957, from 2011 until 2016, Tunisian politicians and spies corrupted by the CIA manufactured 2 terrorist attacks against western tourists. Bloody business, Al Capone is a small baby compared with spies and terrorism in their production. Al Capone made a mistake, he didn’t work for the CIA, if he did, he could kill million people without to be arrested.

Anis burned refugee center in Italy and got 4 years of prison, they moved him to 6 prisons because he was trying to spark rebellions (obviously there is racism in Italian prisons). He had a strong character and was not a sissy as Danish Nazi criminals. Sissy criminals make always good relations with prison guards, to get some privileges in the prison. But his fire against the refugee center is already the sign of work of spies, they made shit to him in Italy and he kicked back. Spies work with refugees, they prepare food for refugees and spies can make them crazy. Then he moved to Switzerland and could not find a job again, in 2016 he came to Berlin. German Nazi secret service spied him more than 6 months, it means they destroyed his private life, to push him to hate Germans and to kill them. They killed him now in Milano, but too late for ordinary Germans who are against Nazi politics and who felt as the victims of his rebellion against Nazi spies. Islam has nothing to do with his private revenge, his revenge is the result of work of spies. Therefore, German and Danish spies hide from society what they do, they know that people don’t support their Nazi politics. After he started to hate Italians and Germans, because of spies, Anis Amri made a video where he prized ISIS and expressed beliefs in them (that they are correct and good while western people are racist and evil). During the process of hate, not before that, Muslims identify themselves with ISIS, they see ISIS as the army that fight several centuries long western colonialism and racism (as his mother said, he could not get a job and moved to Berlin, burning was also a sign of rebellion against racism, etc). That’s how Nazi spies produce terrorism. They catch themselves for refugees or other immigrants and harass them, keep them poor, destroy their private life, until they get enough crazy to kill. That’s the spy’s business, they make themselves rich, with advises from the CIA: how to manufacture terrorism and get rich.
German (and French) spies passed the CIA exam, Danish spies jump to follow them: to produce several successful terrorist attacks.
That’s so when American banks corrupt politicians (Francois, Merkel, Rasmussen), ordinary people felt as victims of corruption, colonial war and racism. American banks (CIA) -> EU politicians -> Nazi spies. This triangle schema is deadly for ordinary people. But hey, for the purpose of war propaganda, they must blame Islam for terrorism. When they start to make the war to rob Russia, they will blame Orthodox religion for the Russian resistance to the western colonialism.

Considering Danish Nazi spies rather harass immigrants than to spend time with family for x-mass, I will have to send emails to many international subjects, even for x-smass, I have my laptop with me, to watch movies and to use public WiFi to get access to the Internet.

The next 3 days will be boring for me, everything will be closed in the city. I will have to use McDonalds and hospitals or some cafe bars. I downloaded 7 movies.