Flemming Drejer and Uffe Frank Stormly, two deviant Nazi colonials spies protect Danish criminals and supply Danish rich retards with cheap immigrants/slaves

Thursday morning, PET Nazi spies waited with cars for me beside Valby park, Friday morning again. Tudsemindevej is little uphill and considering they destroyed my wheel, I had to go down to push my bike, I could not drive it uphill, in that moment Nazi pig drove fast from behind beside me. They brought old woman also to drive from counter direction, to give him excuse to drive near to me. It is clear that Flemming Drejer got pain in the ass because I published the truth about his Nazi deviant personality (disorder), he makes revenge with the help of his Nazi spies.

Thursday and Friday he sent also his fake Muslims to follow me.

Thursday spies from Serbian and Russian embassy who are mixed in the drug business in Denmark again helped to Danish Nazis against me. They used again Danish Nazi criminals (Nazi sissy angels) and Serbian traitors (drug importers) to follow me, together with bitches from Rosenorns alle. Obviously they kissed in the ass Flemming Drejer and Uffe Frank Stormly, these 2 are the main protection for criminals (from the cops/judge). The mole from Russian embassy got a job from the CIA to turn me against Russia, to prevent that I do anything for them or that they have anything with me. The mole continues his dirty job for which he took the money from deviant Danish and CIA colonists. The GRU already knows who it is, but the mole is protected because I am not sooo much important.
The mole will get shit when the CIA produces conflict with Russia in 2018. In this moment, Danish Defense Minister and spies are making media propaganda against Russia and Russian embassy in Copenhagen doesn’t do anything to stop or criticize it. They even help to Danish Nazi spies against me like that Denmark and Russia are in peace and there is no propaganda (and embargo) against Russia.

Those who took the money from the CIA, they make propaganda against Russia, if the Russians hack banks in Monaco and Lu/CH, they could expose corruption and all Danish and EU politicians corrupted by the CIA monkeys would have to resign from political positions. They even make propaganda against Trump. The CIA monkeys ignore Trump and continue to develop the conflict and war. If he refuses to support them in 2018 against Russia, they will find some hot-head to assassinate him.

Considering Flemming got pain in the ass because of my exposing his Nazi deviant brain, I will have to inform international subjects about him and complain of the cops about his racism.

Flemming Drejer, a deviant Nazi spy, he hates immigrants and protect Danish criminals who work for the secret service