Finn and Thomas continue to use criminals against immigrants, prosecutor participates

Nazi gay Finn B. Andersen, his gay Nazi spies and Thomas Ahrenkiel continue to use criminals to set me up. In the past, they used criminals to have sex with 3 women I liked, to produce conflict with me and an attack, to pretend that spies have nothing to do with it, “it is just some conflict between me and criminals”. I informed politicians about it, so, Nazi gays had to change the plan. Instead of women, now they want to set up some people to finish in the prison and then criminals can blame me for that, then Nazi criminals can kiss Finn Andersen in the ass and attack immigrants. Cheap tricks. Their Nazi cops convinced prosecutor to participate in such Nazi shitty tricks. Their problem is that I don’t give a shit to work for Nazi prosecutor that is part of Nazi tricks and that doesn’t have the balls to prosecute Finn and Thomas for chemical castration of immigrants.

Beside Finn and Thomas and their criminals, the head of BIA is also helping them with Serbian criminals. So, today I have informed about it Serbian parliament committee for the Oversight of Intelligence. Serbian spies (BIA) still use their privileged criminals to produce attacks against Serbian citizens in the EU, Serbian criminals (together with hells angels) even followed me for the bill of Danish spies, it is clear work for the foreign intelligence against our citizens, to get privileges to import and sell drugs in Denmark. They can take the risk as the true criminals instead to be pussies who work for western spies against our people, to get balls to sell drugs.

Consequently, I will remind German deputies to make pressure on Serbian Prime Minister to stop BIA in production of privileged criminals who then travel to Europe and connect themselves with western criminals that work for the secret service, they use such privileged criminals against me. Under pressure of Germany, Serbian PM will have to solve the problem with the BIA and their protection of criminals from privileged families. Bavarian politicians are especially crazy about foreign criminals, including Serbian ones. I will write them emails today or tomorrow. BIA traitors and their sissy privileged criminals will get shit, Chinese ambassador in Denmark and his spies will overtake their drug business in Denmark or maybe the whole export from Latin America. Serbs get arrested, the Chinese celebrate, their ambassador will get richer and spies will get some crumbs. That’s so when criminals mix themselves in politics. Chinese ambassador will misuse export of drugs to make money together with the CIA and he can even help them to locate and bomb FARC in Colombia. Therefore, Chinese misuses my case to kiss Danish Nazis in the ass, but behind the Chinese ambassador are the CIA monkeys. Considering Chinese spies support ambassador to make money from drugs, the only solution is to inform Beijing. I will have to write and send many emails, but I don’t have a job, I have time to do something useful, to stop CIA prostitutes to make money, money is the main reason they are together … and I should get shit in order that they make money. Morons will get shit, not only me. Spies can always use criminals, there is nothing new about that, but I can also produce problems for all of them.

Here is recorded bitch that was sitting many days, many hours beside the classroom, she is the one of Nazi spies that poisoned my drinks with pills for chemical castration.