Fidel Catro died, fake communists will become new capitalists in Cuba

Despite of ideological news about Fidel and his death, there are several things to say, the rest is reserved for Cubans to decide by themselves what kind of system they will have in their country. He died at the age of 90, the last 10 years his brother is ruling the country.

1) fake communists will become new capitalists in Cuba, after 50 years of socialism, they don’t create communism than capitalism, small private business is allowed the last several years. Fake communists will misuse their position in the party to buy all valuable companies in Cuba and to sell it later to Americans, they will get rich, and liked by the West, Cubans will stay poor and unwanted by the west.

2) While the assassination attempts started under the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower and continued under John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, there were more – 184, to be precise – during Richard Nixon. Before 16 years, when Castro was due to visit Panama, a plot was hatched to put 90kg of high explosives under the podium where he was due to speak. Castro’s personal security team carried out their own checks before he arrived and foiled the plot.

Fidel survived 630 assassinations attempts of the CIA, he was smarter than the CIA monkeys. Castro survived 10 US administrations that tried to kill him even he never tried to kill any US president. It is shame for what American spies spend taxpayers money. Rich people and not poor Americans would profit from changing government in Cuba. The cold war was financed with the money of society, the profit from implementation of capitalism goes in hands of the rich people. Even worse, after abolishing socialism, capitalism is without competition and riches don’t have any reason to give 2000 eur salary to workers anymore. Therefore, they create financial crisis, to destroy middle class, to bring down salaries, to prpduce more homeless and push people to work for 200 eur per month. With the legalization of illegal behavior of spies (mass spying, etc), west Europe and the US implement openly totalitarian system, to militarize society and justify mass spying, they misuse CIA anti-Assad Muslims. They create terrorism to justify implementation of totalitarian system. There is no other explanation for letting Anti-Assad Muslims to use facebook and twitter as propaganda tools, to recruit fighters, etc.

3) American politicians and riches don’t care if Fidel was dictator or not, they care only about money, the rest is propaganda. They supported many dictators in this world, even today they support royal family in Saudi Arabia (dictatorship). Fidel nationalized, without compensation, American companies in Cuba that exploited people and resources in the time of dictator Batista. Therefore, Americans worked against him so many years, they even tried to kill him.

4) Castro took power in Cuba in 1959. After initially recognizing the new government, the United States imposed a trade embargo the following year, reacting to Castro’s nationalization of industry and imposition of heavy taxes on American imports. When Castro came to New York in September 1960, for the 15th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, his delegation were restricted to the island of Manhattan. Malcolm X welcomed Castro in Harlem, Hotel Theresa, that was owned by the people of color. Thousands of people of color were in the streets in front of the Hotel Theresa cheering the Cuban delegation, every time a member of the Cuban delegation came to the hotel window, the masses of people would send up a mighty cheer. Malcolm wrote in his autobiography that Castro “achieved a psychological coup over the U.S. State Department when it confined him to Manhattan, never dreaming that he’d stay uptown in Harlem and make such an impression among the Negroes.” While staying in Harlem, Castro also received visits from Nikita Khruschev, President Gamal Abdel Nassar of the United Arab Republic, and India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. After Castro was not invited to a luncheon given by Eisenhower for other Latin American leaders, he put together some counterprogramming: a lunch for the Hotel Theresa’s working-class black employees. Castro showed his preference for Harlem and its inhabitants over the fancier parts of Manhattan (something Danish socialists and communists will never do). Malcolm X was later quoted as saying Castro was the “only white person he ever liked” (hm, I don’t know any Danish socialist I would like). At the UN, Castro delivered a record four-hour, 26-minute speech in which he expressed solidarity with oppressed black people in Africa. When he left the country, 11 days later, US authorities had confiscated his plane for delinquent debts. Khrushchev provided a Soviet aircraft to fly Castro home. Malcolm was assassinated in 1965. The Hotel Theresa closed in 1966. America is a totalitarian system, they don’t have any credibility to criticize anyone about human rights and democracy.

At his final visit to the US in 2000, Castro gave a three-and-a-half hour speech at Riverside church, telling the 3,000-strong audience that he loved the “real people” of New York. “In Harlem is where I have my best friends,” he said. While western politicians enjoy in luxury and don’t have anything with ordinary people, Castro was always with ordinary people, therefore people like him.