Faces of Danish Nazi spies 20th in the evening and 21st June 2017 in the morning

This Tuesday morning, 21st June 2017, Danish Nazi spies continued to manufacture terrorism and murder. They sent again 100 spies to steal money and produce at least security threat if not terrorism. I recorded video of groups of spies on my side of the street while on the other side of the street there was in average one bike driver per 100m. So, check the other side of the street when you watch the video, after 1 minute. Only morons don’t see spies, for example criminals from rich families, although they are rarely arrested after spying by the local corrupted cops, the cops arrest only competition of those who pay cops. But rich retards can’t corrupt all cops in the world, during transport of drugs they can be arrested accidentally by the cops on the road.

There are also screen-shots of spies around Nyhavn, I saw them on my way to Toldbodgade 20th June.

All those people in the video suck dick for money, they don’t care for society, they care only how much they will profit. There is no patriotism in capitalism, everything is about money. They just hide greediness behind patriotism.