Domestic elements that helped to the western predators to destroy Yugoslavia: Kardelj, Milošević, Tudjman, Mesić and other Croats

Tuesday night, 25th April, I was followed by fake PET Mulims, one moron hid himself under the bridge and one moron later drove the moped beside the house I sleep, 11:45pm.
Wednesday morning they sent one fake Muslim to cough behind my back in the S-Train and one woman in the metro train, the woman was really sick and another one just pretended to irritate me, but in any case, even if he is not really sick, he send bacteria from his lungs in the lungs of other people. All in all, they continue to make me sick and to push me to attack Danes. Today I drank tea and paracetamol and stayed in my sleeping bag how 5 hours, to sweat. Tomorrow, I will edit videos, to show faces of spies that manufacture terrorism to kiss in the ass the PM Rasmussen and the Minister of Defense Claus who took the bribe from Lockheed Martin.

On Sunday I was reading about Yugoslavia, I wanted to see, who were domestic elements that helped to the western capitalists to destroy Yugoslavia, to expand their market (to sell products) and to expand the region for exploitation (of workers and natural resources). Capitalist (cold) war against socialism is nothing else than the war for profit, to make rich people richer. Even if they didn’t have domestic elements, they would bomb Yugoslavia the same as they plan to do with North Korea. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin wall, predators focused on Yugoslavia. Here is the development of situation in Yugoslavia that was misused by external elements (US/EU that wanted to destroy Yugoslavia).

1) the first problem was that Josip Broz Tito united Croatia and Serbia after WWII, i.e. he made Yugoslavia by uniting enemies from the war. Croatian politicians and intellectuals supported Hitler and spread Nazi ideology in Croatia (Nordic skull is correct and others are not, and similar bullshit created by quasi scientists that worked for the secret service), they fought against Serbs and they made concentration camps like Germany did it. So, Croatian politicians and intellectuals welcomed fascism and Nazism, they were not just surrendered to Germans.
It was interesting to see, German soldiers were welcomed to Zagreb as liberation forces and it was the same case with Mussolini soldiers who came to Dubrovnik. All American colonial wars are also represented as liberation of Iraq, liberation of Libya, etc. American colonists (politicians and the CIA, not ordinary people) copy Hitler very much.

I believe that Josip Broz Tito didn’t have other choice: the only way to create Yugoslavia after the war, to unite Serbs and Croats, was to arrest and kick out Croatian fascists and Serbian Chetniks. Partisans killed many Croatian and Slovenian fascists and other escaped to Chicago, Australia, Canada, it was the same case with Serbian Chetniks. Tito did what was necessary to create Yugoslavia. Only ordinary people who just wanted to work and get a normal life stayed in Yugoslavia. But it is illusion to think that they could arrest or kick out each fascist, many pretended they are communists to save their ass. Of course, ordinary people who pretended, they were not dangerous, but intellectuals and politicians, military and spies, they were dangerous. These hidden nationalists were the first basis for separation of Yugoslavia many decades later. Thanx to Tito and his creation of Yugoslavia, Croats escaped from the payment for the war damages/crimes as Germany had to pay. Hitler lost the war, Croats should be thankful to Tito for saving their ass.

2) Important figures: Before the war and during the war, Tito and many communists had very turbulent life, each of them could write a fat book or make a movie about their life. Tito was even married with the Russian woman and he was in Siberia, his life was unique, although he was just a worker. The communist party was forbidden in Serbia and every arrested communist was beaten in the police. Before WWII, Alexandar Ranković was 6 years in the prison because of making communist propaganda. During the war, Gestapo arrested him while he tried to blow off the radio station and they broke his bones. While he was in the prison hospital, his friends came armed and liberated him, including shooting. For example, the woman who came to set him free was just a textile worker: Spasenija Cana Babović.

99% of sissy criminals don’t have balls to attack the prison or the prison hospital. Many communists were not criminals than ordinary workers, but they were ready to sacrifice each for others and they did much more brave actions than modern sissy criminals. Modern (Danish) communists also sell each others to the secret service, they can’t compare with communists from before WWII. Danish communists were also organized like guerrilla during WWII, they killed German soldiers. They were the only one who fought Hitler soldiers in Denmark, Danish royal family welcomed Nazis.

So, all those people who created Yugoslavia, they knew each other already 30 years, they fought together before the war and later against Hitler, they liberated Yugoslavia and they created their dream: a communist country. Not so many people in this world have the chance to live their dream. In 30 years of fight, they learned how to organize, many communists were without official degree, they were manual workers, but they got high positions in society after WWII and they managed the state very well.

There is one important person that created ideas that produced separation of Yugoslavia. Edvard Kardelj, in 1966, second most important person after Tito, Ranković was No3 although during the war, he was No2. After the war, Ranković got the position of the Minister of police and the head of the secret service (OZNA – The Department for People’s Protection). OZNA was changed to UDBA in 1946.

3) Everything was good in Yugoslavia until 1966. Ranković was the head of secret service (OZNA and UDBA) since 1944, his job was to hunt extreme nationalists and fascists who could try to destroy Yugoslavia, in that sense, he was suppressing Croatian and Albanian nationalism. Just because he was a Serb, many think he made the repression because of his nationality, but that’s bullshit, he was a communist and they don’t accept nations “workers of the world unite (against exploiters), fuck nations that separates you and turn you each against the other”. So, he made repression on the basis of ideology, not on the basis of his nationality. He had to keep Yugoslavia alive and Tito and other communists united Serbs and Croats who killed each others during WWII. That’s about Ranković, here is some info about Kardelj.

Kardelj was a Slovenian communist. He was also in the prison 1930-1932 because of being a member of the illegal communist party. 1934-1936 he spent the time in Russia studying Lenin school and giving lectures too. 1939, Kardelj married Pepca Kardelj, she made suicide when Yugoslavia was separated in 1990. Tito, Aleksandar Ranković and Kardelj, already in 1937 turned communist party to focus on fighting fascism. The same year, the Communist Party of Slovenia was formed, with Kardelj as one of its leaders. When WWII started, Slovenia was occupied by Italy, Germany and one small part by Hungary. Many Slovens escaped to “Italian part” because Germans were more brutal. Then some Slovens started to fight on the side of Hitler and Kardelj had a job to organize resistance and liberate Slovenia, it means, partisans all over Yugoslavia had to fight Hitler + domestic traitors. Kardelj was one of the leading members of the illegal Communist Party of Slovenia before World War II. During the war he was one of the leaders of the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People and a Slovene Partisan, and after the war a federal political leader in socialist Yugoslavia who led the Yugoslav delegation that negotiated peace talks with Italy over the border dispute. He participated in other international negotiations too. He is considered the main creator of the Yugoslav system of workers’ self-management, after the Tito-Stalin split in 1948, he made a new economic policy: workers’ self-management. 1948-1952 he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was an economist and a full member of both the Slovene and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

When the problem began? It began 1966. Tito found spying bugs in his cabinet and in the rooms of his wife, it was never published who found bugs, but Tito blamed secret service for that. Many people believe that Kardelj set up Ranković. Ranković was investigated, surely not in a nice way, and at the communist party meeting he lost all positions, he was kicked out from politics. He was not able to speak so well at the party meeting and he got a heart attack when he saw that Tito supported Kardelj. As I said, all of them were friends 30 years and they were fighting to build a communist country, they were living their dream and then he was investigated and kicked out. Ranković spent his remaining years in pension in Dubrovnik until his death in 1983. He was buried in Belgrade with some 30,000 people spontaneously showing up for his funeral at Belgrade’s New Cemetery, the event was ignored by the media.

After removal of Ranković, Kardelj changed secret service, old partisans were kicked out and new high educated people near to Kardelj were brought to work there. Kardelj did it all with one purpose: to realize his idea of decentralization of Yugoslavia. I believe that Kardelj convinced Tito that decentralization will satisfy local leaders, especially after Tito dies, if they get more money and autonomy, they will not strive to separate. But it is theory, in reality, decentralization was the wind in wings of Croatian nationalists (politicians and intellectuals) who pretended they are communists, but they dreamed to destroy Yugoslavia.

Removal of partisans from the secret service and decentralization was the beginning of the end of a centralized power structure of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia over the country and the social and political separatist that would culminate in the Croatian Spring (1971) and the newly de-centralized Yugoslavia that emerged from the 1971 constitutional reforms and later the 1974 Constitution.

So, after changes in 1966, Croatian nationalists showed their true face in 1971, they made a Croatian Spring: cultural workers and politicians from the League of Communists of Croatia opposed the unitarisation and demanded an economic, cultural and political reforms in Yugoslavia and therefore more rights for Croatia within Yugoslavia. In 1971, the Yugoslav authorities suppressed the movement by force.

Things were set in motion just nine months after the removal of Aleksandar Ranković, when a group of 130 influential Croatian poets and linguists, 80 of whom pretended to be Communists, published a Declaration on the Status and Name of the Croatian Standard Language in March 1967. After 1968 the goals of that document morphed into a generic Croatian movement for more rights for Croatia. They started also to speak a classic separatist story: Croatia had a lot of tourism because of Adriatic sea and the money was going to the other republics instead to be spent for Croats.

Yugoslavia’s Five-Year (economic) Plan was to be adopted in July 1970 but was postponed due to inter-republic conflict.

The separatists organized demonstrations in 1971, three Croatian linguists, Stjepan Babić, Božidar Finka and Milan Moguš, published a spelling and grammar textbook in September 1971 called Hrvatski pravopis (Croatian Orthography), rather than the Srpskohrvatski (Serbo-Croatian). All copies were destroyed, but it was republished in London 1972. The Yugoslav leadership interpreted the whole affair as a restoration of Croatian nationalism, dismissed the movement as chauvinistic, and used the police to suppress protests. 2000 people were criminally prosecuted in Croatia in 1972 and 1973 for participation in these events. In 1972, more than 25,000 people were expelled from the League of Communists of Croatia.

But Kardelj continued with his stupidities and he led the commission to make a new constitution in 1974: In 1974, a new federal constitution was ratified that gave more autonomy to the individual republics, thereby basically fulfilling some of the goals of the Croatian Spring 1971 movement. Kosovo and Vojvodina, the two constituent provinces of Serbia, received substantially increased autonomy, including de facto veto power in the Serbian parliament. In 1968 and 1971 amendments were adopted to the Federal Constitution, through which Yugoslav Presidency as a collective leadership body was introduced (1971). Josip Broz Tito, president of Yugoslavia, was named President for Life of Yugoslavia, and his name was entered in the text of the Constitution 1974. He was also the President of the Republic and President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia. After his death, all his functions would be transferred to the Presidency of Yugoslavia.

During the public discussion on the proposed changes to the Constitution, Professor of the Belgrade Law School, Dr. Mihailo Đurić was sentenced to prison after the publication of the speech in which he opposed the implementation of the planned constitutional changes. Pointing out that Yugoslavia was becoming just a geographical term, on whose soil under the disguise of consistent development of equality between nations, several independent, even conflicting national states were being established.
This constitution stayed alive until the end of Yugoslavia 1990.

Kardelj died from cancer in 1979, Tito died 1980, Ranković died 1983 from second heart attack. Kardelj wife Pepca Kardelj made suicide 1990. She saw what happened with their dream because of her husband who gave wind in the wings of separatists.

After Tito died in 1980, separatists got the courage and went out from their mouse holes and 10 years later, they succeeded to destroy Yugoslavia: Franjo Tudjman and Stjepan Mesić from Croatia and Slobodan Milošević from Serbia, together with some Slovenian nationalists, destroyed the country where billionaires from the US/EU could not exploit workers and natural resources.

Croatian separatists got weapons from Germany, they didn’t have weapons to fight against Yugoslav army. Slovenia was one week in the war, but Croatia and Serbia made the war several years and later they involved Bosnia, trying to take a part of it. Ivan Stambolić was the person responsible for the rise of Milošević, Ivan was the communist and Milošević a hidden nationalist, later they got conflict and Ivan was kidnapped and killed by Serbian special forces. Every time Ivan got a higher position, he gave his former position to Milošević. Milošević was a fake communist, the same as Stjepan Mesić and Franjo Tudjman.

Tito had several brothers and sisters, all died, he had children with 2 women although he was married 3 times but he was in fact with 5 women. Belousova died 1968, Lucija 1937,  Herta 2010, Paunovic died 1946 and Jovanka 2013. Jovanka was with him since 1952 but she was separated from him since 1977 (she tried to isolate him, to have influence on him). From all marriages, Tito had 2 kids. His son Zarko married 3 times and has 4 kids,  and son Miso has 2 kids. Nobody from them is rich, not even millionaires and surely not billionaires. Tito didn’t steal money and was not rich.