Danish spies continue to manufacture terrorism, the video of spies from 20 April to 18 May 2017

This Thursday morning Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen continued to do the job for Lockheed Martin, Claus and Lokke, and for themselves: to steal the money. They sent 20 spies in the nature and later 50 more in the city during the day (moped reg plate BE 1 430 rolighedsvej/falkoner alle, 2:05 p.m.).

Corrupted Pernille and other members of the Oversight continue to take money from spies and let them to produce murder or terrorism.
During the day I checked how many people come to the seminar, minimum 20 people were in the classroom, so, it is clear that racism is developed at the university by spies, with the aim to produce an attack against students, after that they can impose repression against the whole university, and make money from that. I visited the classroom, I found only 2 bottles, and I saw on the PC the name of the moron, Søren Obed Madsen, he is working also at the next company.

He sucked a dick of spies to get a degree and to get a job at the CBS. Now he helps them to produce an attack against students, so, he was the one that poisoned a cake in the past. Now he sells the fog like those who give advice to students how to concentrate: “Too many managers find themselves wasting time, running out of energy or missing out on business potentials. These problems can often be attributed to the way in which managers think about strategy – and what they devote their attention to.” So, if you are failing manager, this moron sells you the fog: he will save you i.e. he will rob you of your money, you will not be just failed manager, you will become bankrupted and he will get richer.

In any case, in another classroom, I found bottles from another seminar.

Finally it is the real spring, 20 degrees, although there is the wind and it is not good to lay down on the sand on the beach, but the nature is very beautiful.

Here is the video with spies 20 April – 18 may 2017, of course, I didn’t record them all, but you can be sure they get 200-500 dkk + their chief steal more for himself. All of that to help to Lokke to buy arms from Lockheed Martin and militarize the police, not only to modernize the military. I suppose Fogh Rasmussen as the former head of NATO is the lobbyist of the American military industry, he is the CIA connection with Lokke Rasmussen, possibly Fogh corrupt Danish politicians with the money from Lockheed Martin, it means also that Fogh update Claus and Lokke about the CIA plans about Trump and Russia. It is visible that Lokke synchronize his politics with the CIA propaganda against Trump and Russia, but there must be a middle person between the CIA and Lokke, it must be Fogh (and Claus).

Wednesday I had pain in my head 3 times, as I said, they try to produce a stroke in my head, after they put money in the ass of Pernille Skipper. It is the pain in arteries, produced by the same poison they used in 2012, I could not do anything with my right hand the whole August 2012 and in the hospital they told me “My doctor will care about me when I go back to my country”. Now they repeat the same thing from 2012.
You can use the full-screen option to see details from the video.