Danish politicians and spies make propaganda against Russia, Danish PET agents protect their spies Karen Jespersen and Ralf Pittelkow, they make a campaign against Nordea and other companies

Danish Nazi secret service participates in the CIA propaganda against Russia, in the case of Aleppo, Danish politicians participate in that, serving the interests of America banks. Denmark’s foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, meets with members of the Syrian opposition in Copenhagen today. Colonist Samuelsen said: “I condemn the ruthless attacks and abuses perpetrated by the regime and its allies in Aleppo and the rest of Syria.” Samuelsen wrote on Twitter that he had ordered the Danish embassy in Russia to register a protest with the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding the situation in Aleppo. Denmark and America will support the moderate Syrian opposition, they will involve the Free Syrian Police, Syrian civil society and the White Helmets, to try to separate Syria (with or without a Caliphate) and build pipeline from Qatar to Europe.

Danish and American Nazi colonists killed many Muslims and now they pretend they care about Syrians in Aleppo. Even French president insulted Putin before several weeks because Russia destroyed Caliphate i.e. separation of Syria and making oil pipeline from Qatar to Europe (through Syria and Turkey). They are upset about Russia because of $10B USD pipeline and they pretend they care about people in Aleppo. They don’t give a shit for any kind of Syrian, Muslim or not, they care only about money i.e. the pipeline. In any case, protests in Denmark, related to the situation in Aleppo, is the result of work of Danish PET agents against Russia. PET media, PET journalists, PET spies organize protest all over Denmark. 80% of the protesters are PET network of spies all over the country, 20% are people who are simply against any kind of war. It is visible that Danish secret service creates the consent of society for the (anti-Russian) politics of the government. It means, American colonists and their EU corrupted politicians will start to develop conflict with Russia, they will use Poland or Baltic countries for that. In the same time the CIA will monitor the behavior of Trump in such situation, if he will be together with the war profiteers or against them.

Danish Nazi secret service activated their spies to make campaign against private banks and companies (29 of them: Nordea, Føtex, Just Eat, Telia, You See, Ikea, McDonald’s, Spies, Sofa Company, Sportsmaster, Elgiganten, Momondo, TUI and so on) that pulled off ads from the Internet Portal that belongs to the former Minister of Social Affairs, Karen Jespersen. She is working for the PET and she makes propaganda against immigrants and PET spies secure that she makes a profit. If you stop to finance Karen and her husband Ralf, spies will make a campaign against you, most spies “threatened” to companies that they will boycott all these companies because they are not Danish if they don’t support/finance Den Korte Avis, it means, you are Danish only if you are a racist. The PM Rasmussen commented “Companies have the right to decide where to advertise and to pull of the ads/finances”, I would add: “without to be a target of the secret service and their spies”.

The PET portal Den Korte Avis creates fake fear and real hate against immigrants, with the aim to create Breivik in Denmark, a person that will shoot immigrants or domestic citizens that welcome immigrants. Fear and hate produce Breivik. Karen and Ralf created in 2012 the portal called Den Korte Avis, www.denkorteavis.dk, Karen and Ralf Pittelkow are editor-in-chief, Ralf even wrote a book against immigrants. Obviously he is also working for the PET, despite studying literature, PET agents helped him to became a political commentator at the newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten i.e. to spread racism against immigrants. The paradox is that Karen was the Minister for Social Democracy and not for some racist party, but Social Democracy is only in theory leftist, in reality they are liberal fascists, they use leftist rhetoric just to get voters, they work for the big capitalists and they work against immigrants. When Karen became the Minister, she threatened to all places that help to the poor people, to the social cases: they will not get money from the budget if they help to immigrants.

In 2014, an article published by the Danish Union of Journalists said that Den Korte Avis damaged the reputation of journalists and argued that it, despite its name (in English: “The Short Newspaper”), was not a real newspaper, as it often copied from other sources and misrepresented news stories. These days, Journalist union’s president, Lars Wergeland, again said: “It’s not about if DKA is good or bad, or whether I agree or disagree with the message in their news. It is clear they are making one-sided view of a reality, and it is not journalism. When you bring someone up on the media market square, then they must also be able to defend themselves, and it is not the hallmark of The Korte Avis.” Jan Dyberg from the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX), has similar opinion: “They deal with serious issues, but in general it is difficult to take seriously DKA. It is one-sided, and often there is no cover for what they write. There are insinuated all over, and you can not see if it’s comments or articles you read. There is some carnival over it.”

The PET spy Ralf Pittelkow published his opinion that left-wing fanatics convinced banks and companies to go away from the portal, “they are trying to bring Swedish political correctness to Denmark and I was always against it, it is a completely unprecedented attack on freedom of expression.”

Racist PET spy Ralf just forgot to say, racism is forbidden by the constitution the same as it is forbidden by the law to express opinion that support ISIS and similar. So, Denmark is surely not the country where you can freely express your opinion, there are limitations.

In December 2016, 29 advertisers, such as McDonald’s, IKEA, Nordea, Doctors Without Borders and others, pulled their ads from the site, due to claims that several of the news stories publicized on the site were lies and fabrications. There are still several companies that finance the PET racist portal Den Korte Avis: Seniorland.dk, they sell bikes, Fisher Investments Norden, American wework.com.
Den Korte Avis in 2016 received 147.178 kr. (20 000 Eur) in the form of support for media “production”. BUT Den Korte Avis is not registered with the Press Council, there is no reason that they get financial support, their website can be seen as a blog, unofficial news and comments. Jyllands Posten published who complained to Nordea and who started all this about Den Korte Avis, I think PET agents will misuse their spies to make revenge against him: Tommy Kirkegaard, he works as a home nurse in Copenhagen Municipality. Soon, PET agents will set him up to lose his job.

– During the first three quarters of 2016, 1,070 people from the Danish Capital and Zealand regions moved to Scania/Sweden – an increase of 20.6 percent compared to the same period last year. A hike in housing prices in Denmark has been given as a primary reason. The asking price for a home is at its highest for nearly seven years. Housing prices have increased the most in east Zealand, where asking prices are 8 percent higher than a year ago. The near record-high housing prices in Copenhagen have been reflected in the average sqm prices rising to 35,035 kroner for apartments and 30,413 kroner for houses.

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) will stay without 20% of their 300 employees. The reason is they make a smaller profit, they lost major customers to private competitors, for example Maersk terminated contract with DMI a year ago and now prefer the services of a large international company. The Oil market is not so good anymore because of the Americans, oil companies don’t pay any more for the wind and weather information.

– Considering my health, Nazi spies got the time to change little the situation about my health or to poison me to produce a nerve breakdown, to make me crazy because I send emails to many international factors about Danish chemical castration of immigrants, it means Denmark is a Nazi country. The PET and FE-DDIS spies have interests to make me crazy (or dead, if they want to avoid any medical examination). This night I slept 10 hours and 30 minutes, 25 years I didn’t sleep so long, yesterday I needed to sleep during the day even the night before I slept 9 hours 30 minutes. Possibly they still have access to my food, maybe when I leave it in the lockers. I thought they repaired the light in the basement of the library to steal money from the budget of CBS, but it looks they implemented hidden cameras above all lockers, the light is above the lockers and if they put cameras there, they see the code I type when I use the lockers. South Koreans also pretended they forgot the number and they saw the employee typing universal number, they know the universal number and they can open all lockers, although library employees are working for the PET and PET agents know universal number, it means PET agents can open any locker they want, cameras just help them to use the same number I used to lock it. They also installed hidden cameras in all 22 classrooms in Solbjerg Plands, beside projectors, they can record what immigrants are doing with computers. Nazi morons don’t put hidden camera in houses of gold members sissy angels. Nazis target immigrants, especially those who don’t produce a profit for rich people. Crazy lunatics.

This morning Nazi spies again sent their moron to drive a motorcycle beside the house I sleep, it was still the night, I continued to sleep. Even if I send today emails to German deputies about Serbian BIA and their sissy criminals, they will not read it before Monday, I will do it today or tomorrow. Serbian PM Vučić is kissing Angela Merkel in the ass, German politicians are the best tool against Serbian secret service and their criminals.