Danish Nazis Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen use criminals against immigrants and manufacture terrorism + the Interview with Julian Assange

Thursday evening, 13th April 2017, I was followed again by Nazi sissy criminals. They continue to mix themselves in the politics against immigrants.
Friday morning, 30-50 Nazi military spies drove bikes beside the house I sleep, every 20 seconds on average. That’s how they steal the money from the budget, in one morning 50 000 dkk. The profit is the reason they manufacture terrorism, every individual case they create brings them profit.

Today I had again the pain in my testicles and testicles were smaller than usual, maybe double smaller.

All classrooms at the CBS were occupied by spies, one bitch even recorded me and I recorded her, it is obvious she knows who I am, so, she came there to suck dick of Finn Borch Andersen and get money or passed exams. 22 classrooms x 2-3 Nazi students = 70 students spies and if they get money to sit there or privileges at exams, it is clear that the secret service is the root of corruption and financial criminality in Denmark.

Friday afternoon, Danish Nazi military spies followed me all over the city, I visited the street of their chief, they try to turn it for their benefits, to make the case against me justified, like that they didn’t poison me and irritated me to push me to kill people in Denmark. They are dirty and fake as always, but we will see what will be the result of that. One thing is for sure, they are deviant Nazis, ready to kill Danes in order to make a profit.

Pictures and videos will be uploaded in the evening after I edit it, under this video interview with Julian Assange.