Danish Nazi spies still produce conflict between me and criminals, they misuse Nazi students to keep me poor i.e. to push me to spend money which is not mine

Sunday evening, I was again followed partly by military spies, partly by the crowd of Danish sissy criminals.
The same as on Saturday, on Sunday, PET Nazi students left in each classroom 2-3 bottles, they took the rest.
It was the same today, Monday, Dalgas Have was full, students took half building and each classrooms had 30-50 bottles, but when students went out, those who guide them took all bottles, surely 500 dkk, they left 2-3 bottles in each classrooms for me. It means, the students guiders suck dick of Flemming Drejer who told them to prevent immigrants to take bottles, to push us to steal laptops, to bring security to the university and make the repression against students (and to push me to spend money that is not mine). That’s why they infiltrate students organizations, students are not terrorists, Danish spies are political police, they are not security police, they widespread racism, they create conflicts between immigrants and Danish students, they impose repression to prevent students to protest against Rasmussen.
The last year, when new students came 5 days to visit CBS, in 4 days I took 500dkk + 500dkk + 600dkk + 800dkk, 2400 dkk in 4 days. Student guiders didn’t take even one bottle, they put all bottles in trash cans and I took in front of them, they never said anything, everything was paid by the CBS and if they would take bottles, the money would go into their pockets, surely CBS doesn’t ask them for that money. They can justify racism, but it is clear that the students guiders sucked dick of Flemming Drejer. He promised them passed exams if they work against immigrants.
The other half of the building (Dalgas Have) is taken already 2 weeks by the summer-school, they have each day minimum 500 bottles, but the CBS workers lock classrooms. Only today, there were minimum 1000 bottles in Dalgas Have, if I count students + summer-school.
Despite their efforts to keep me without money, I collected 100 dkk in Solbjerg Plads + 100 dkk in Dalgas Have. If they didn’t prevent me, I could take minimum 500 dkk more only today (without summer-school). I will have to send an email to the Oversight, so, they can’t say they didn’t know what happens.

In any case, the last 4 days, snitches are waiting in the shopping mall to jump in front of me to exchange bottles, to slow me down, to push me to wait, to give time to the Nazi students to take bottles. They sit in the shopping mall and wait for me (hours), and even worse, Nazis pies steal money from society for such activities: “they fight against terrorism”. Better said, they manufacture terrorism.

Today I was again followed by military spies. They got a pain in the ass because of my email for historians. Now they will have to make propaganda, to convince historians that spies are not bad guys. They hide from society what they do, because society would not support them in their racism and Nazism.