Danish Nazi spies sent the drug police to follow me today more than 5km

Today is Saturday 15th April 2017, I was followed by the Danish Nazi cops (drug cops) even I don’t sell drugs, they followed me more than 5km. It is clear they came to kiss in the ass Flemming Drejer and other deviant Nazi PET agents that misuse the police against people who have different nationality, color of skin and religion. Those who followed me today, they know me from 2013, so, it is clear they didn’t have any reason to follow me 5km, they know who I am and that I don’t sell drugs. The PET Nazi agents misused drug police to follow me from 1st June 2013 until November 2014, that’s more than a year, 30 police inspectors per day, that’s a lot of (taxpayers) money. The drug cops harass immigrants to kiss in the ass lunatics from the secret service.

So, one more time: Denmark is No4 in Europe by the usage of cocaine, that’s not possible without corrupted cops. They take the money from rich criminals and they arrest poor immigrants, poor junkies who steal bags from women, they arrest young criminals who sell one gram on the street, to check them if they will speak against the others, they have the deal about it with the older criminals who pay the cops, and so on, they do all of that to pretend they work their job, but in fact they are corrupted and they are part of the politics against immigrants.

To pretend they do their job, they hunt also criminals that don’t pay them, for example the Internet criminals. And those who pay the cops, they send the cops to arrest their competition. Sometimes when criminals make a mistake, the cops seize 300kg cocaine, but it is not their work than their luck that some workers found some cocaine and called the cops. Gold members sissy angels are also arrested only if there is an eyewitness, it is clear that cops have a deal with the criminals that cops must do their job when there is the evidence/eyewitness, it is not the interest of criminals that cops who work for them get arrested or lose the job. Criminals accept that dirty cops must do their job to keep it. Criminals that decide to speak against dirty cops, they get hanged by cops while in custody. Some criminals get angry when they get arrested by pigs who took the money. Therefore, sissy criminals don’t come to the funeral of their member who hanged himself, because they know he wanted to speak against their dirty cops and that’s a damage for the business (to lose a dirty cop). They know very well, the cops killed their friends who wanted to speak against the cops. Therefore, their friendship and brotherhood is a bullshit story to recruit young people to work for them, they are together just because of the money. And old sissy criminals use money and sex, beside bullshit story about brotherhood, to recruit young people. Therefore, they need young women, like bitch sisters from Rosenorns Alle. Plus sissy angels women are working for the secret service, therefore, the cops don’t arrest them. The bitch sisters spent more than a year with gold members and they could not do it if they didn’t get their trust i.e. if they didn’t participate in criminal activities. After I informed their parents, bitch sisters were degraded to spend time with young criminals and it is still so. Besides participating in criminal activities, bitches that work for the secret service surely bring money from drugs to the PET agents and to the cops.

It is logical that girls are bringing money from drugs to the PET agents and they give it to the cops, it would be risky for cops to meet directly with criminals to take the money. The cops also spy sissy angels to know how much money they make, i.e. to know how much to demand for themselves. The best example are prostitutes 200m from the police station Halmtorvet, this station is the most racist and the most corrupted. The cops from this station are working for the secret service, therefore, they (the cops) are not arrested.

In the Serbian city of Sabac, 15 cops got arrested before several days, including the chief of the police station. That’s something new in Serbia. Serbian cops are also corrupted and they hunt cannabis dealers, ordinary people who try to escape from the poverty, they take the money from rich criminals who work for the secret service. This news was the surprise. But something like that doesn’t happen in Denmark.

Soooo much about dirty racist Danish cops who come in the ass of deviant lunatics from the secret service (Flemming Drejer, Finn Borch Andersen, Uffe Frank Stormly, etc).

Of course, Danish wannabe criminals should go to Yugoslavia to educate themselves how to be criminals, Yugoslavian criminals living in Denmark are the same shit as Danish wannabe criminals. Only those living in ex-Yugoslavia are true criminals with the balls. For example if I have a gun, those idiots that followed me today would be shot, because they are part of racism. They are deviant lunatics and they are dangerous for society, much more dangerous than one criminal. Racists killed more people than Al Capone. Racists are more dangerous than any criminal.