Danish Nazi spies planned something bigger on Wednesday, Serbian politicians continue to support foreign investors against workers

Today, Friday 14th, it looks Danish Nazi spies used trucks and cars to disturb me in the traffic. Yesterday they did the same, they used cars to jump out from local streets, they used military spies with motorcycles. The last 3 days, the CIA monkeys put money in the ass of Indian ambassador, Indian corrupted ambassador rented them Indians as spies. From time to time, they used and some Asian spies, possibly South Koreans.

On Wednesday they used their spy to pretend he will buy a laptop, he asked me for a phone number but later didn’t come, I waited 2 hours for nothing (and surely I will not keep my phone connected to the network all the time, they are idiots), today, we arranged a meeting 2pm again. On Wednesday they misused and worker at the CBS, and they sent many cops to follow me. They organized themselves for something bigger, that I get shot by their Nazi cops, usually they use cops from Halmtorvet station, they are racists (they arrested Africans for sitting beside the school) and they take money from criminals (prostitutes are 200m from their station). Only dirty racist cops are working for the PET, normal cops would not support the PET methods of work. They also used security to follow me on the streets.

All in all, they provoke immigrants and they set up the cops to arrest us or to shoot us, beside producing traffic accident.

The life science is still with the PET security, they locked the building totally, students can’t go inside to study, I made a video and sent it to the director of the CPH university. I thought I will not succeed to take my laptop to sell it, but the buyer didn’t come in any case.

The good thing in Serbia is that politicians visited Greece, among other things, I hope they will speak about Greek role in stopping the CIA war i.e. creating a big Albania, Greece has American military base and they can make a pressure on Americans to stop to create big Albania. Big Albania means that part of Greece territory would be taken by Albanians, Albania officially allowed registration of the movement for the united Albania, they can legally act to reach their aims, of course, 100% of members of this movement are people who work for Albanian secret service.

The bed news from Serbia is that the politicians continue to support foreign investors against workers, the investors can give money in some secret bank accounts in Monaco. People who produce raspberry protest, then the workers of Fiat started to protest and now Gorenje factory protest too. The government supported South Koreans who own the company Yura in Leskovac, already 3 years they are the main news about exploitation of workers, but the last week Serbian politicians support Italian managers against Serbian workers, it looks that the secret service is also mixed in destroying protest in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia factory (Zastava, Kragujevac). Strikebreakers are activated in the last several days, including corrupted leaders of syndicate. Two syndicates are mixed, one started to work for the politicians against workers, to convince them to stop the strike and start to work. Fiat managers threaten them to fire 300 workers and even to close the factory. So, don’t buy Fiat cars. The syndicate should make marketing against Fiat, they should ask Novak Djoković to help them about it, what he says, all media will publish, he should call all fans to avoid to buy Fiat cars. Fiat and other owners of car industry financed Mussolini and Hitler, they are old type of capitalists who prise managers who have the worst behavior with workers. Even the EU asked Serbia what privileges they gave to Fiat, other car manufacturers were complaining.

Another bad news, Ivona Simić worked in USAID on choosing traitors in Serbia who will work for USAID, now she is human resource manager for the new prime minister Ana Brnabić, Ivona will give advise to Ana whom to give some positions for which the CIA is interested. Maybe the heads of police? After many years, they just started the court process against the heads of police who didn’t do anything to stop burning of the US embassy in Belgrade in 2008, protesters set fire and burned the whole embassy. Maybe Ana will now position the CIA spies on these positions.