Danish Nazi spies get pain in the ass when I use computer, they still give my Internet communication to criminals, they produce traffic accident, they used their journalists to publish information about the home of Prime Minister i.e. increase his insecurity to represent themselves as his saviors when they manufacture an attack under their control

The CBS professor and IT manager came to the classroom I used computer and they stand behind me and read my doc I typed, so, I had to restart PC without to save my typing. It is for my blog, it is public in any case, but I must type it again. They wanted to prevent me to publish what is happening, spies can lose the job?

This Thursday morning I was followed by Danish Nazi spies who continue to manufacture the case about me.
Wednesday evening the same as the night before, police snitch passed with moped 11:30pm in the nature when I go to sleep, it is the same Nazi snitch from Skredderholmen bridge from the past, reg plate AY 5337. Wednesday the police reg plate HN 10089. There was and BJ 68 389.

Tuesday evening I was followed by criminal snitches who work for the Nazi PET agents. The PET agents continue to send criminals and cops, Pernille will pay for that. They spent several years to create my case, they will not let me to go out of DK, they want to push me to send bitcoins back and to stay in DK. Criminals get information from PET agents when I get bitcoins and when I change it for money, they give them my emails, etc, on the basis of that, criminals can pretend it is their money I spend, even if it is not so. Sissy angels also helped to the PET i.e. to the CIA to bring Serbian criminals to Copenhagen, to expose them, to register them, to follow them. If the PET agents used the cops against Serbian criminals, they did it to help to the CIA to arrest Serbs in another country and overtake their business. Surely, Serbian politicians are moved by the CIA to arrest Serbian (international) criminals. After they get arrested, Montenegrin will export cocaine from Latin America for the bill of the CIA, they will be also used to attack socialists and to fight against Morales and Maduro. When the CIA controls cocaine business, it is clear that part of the money will go to CIA opposition of Morales and Maduro. Montenegro spies already work with NATO and the CIA (against Russia and anything else).
Considering Serbian criminals helped to Danish Nazis against me, I don’t care if they get arrested. They can blame Chinese ambassador and Serbian spies that help to the CIA. Drug business will continue, just some other people will profit from that. Serbian criminals are too much subordinated to the Serbian secret service, they sell each others like pussies, it is not insulting, it is the truth, they made smear campaign against me in Copenhagen, they competed who will kiss spies in the ass more, it is reality: they can’t stop losing of their drug business. They can save their ass only if they go against Serbian spies and the Gov, but they don’t have any chance to do anything because they compete who will kiss spies more in the ass. They can’t even make one step against the Gov, what to say about hidden creating and financing political party that will change the law about criminality and that will refuse collaboration with the CIA. They have also the interests to turn Montenegro away from the CIA, but they can’t change/dethrone Milo Djukanovic, they are not capable to do it even many of them have more than 100 million Eur. They are rich but not capable, like a man who can run 50km but he can’t make several steps.
Serbian (and Chinese) spies (together with Danish spies and sissy angels) sold them to the CIA and it is just the question of time when they will be arrested, maybe after 6 months, maybe after one year. After that, sissy angels will get cocaine from Montenegrin criminals, not from Serbs. They target Serbs in Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and Latin America, all of them will be exchanged by Montenegrin criminals.

During Monday and weekend, spies had classic activities like in the past, except Saturday or Sunday, they used their snitch in Valby to open the door from the car when I was coming with my bike, I was just 2-3 meters when he opened it, but I was not enough near to the car to break my hand. In any case, they continue to produce traffic accident for me. They broke my finger in October 2015 and they were not punished, now they repeat the same. In 2015, Pernille Skipper helped them to keep it secret from society.

Municipality elections are near, in 2 months, so, Danish politicians started campaign. Most criminals are fascists (possibly because they work for the secret service) and here is what their lovely politician says: racist Martin Henrikssen from Danish People Party wants to stop that criminals get social help, so-called cash assistance. The police published that 47 criminals get SU (money for students), 228 get cash assistance, 31 get daily allowance and pension, 2 people get other income where there is no payroll allowance. On May 1, 2017, 358 band members were registered in the Police Investigation Support Database (PED), it means 73% of them get help from the state.
The only thing Martin forgot to say, how many people go out of the prison and have no place to sleep, no help from the state? Of course, they must do something criminal to make money. People in West Europe separate from parents and they must make money by themselves, many don’t get help from parents even if they are in the trouble or simply parents don’t have connections to help them to get a job. So, minimum 50% of crime returnees are those who are too poor to get normal life in capitalism. If you want to rent a flat, you must pay minimum 3 months in advance + deposit, if he sees you don’t have a job, the owner will rent the flat to someone else who can pay for a longer period. Immigrants have the same problem when they want to rent a flat. Many people must sell drugs if they want to get normal life. High rents in capitalism are not an accident, it is created so to keep workers in the same position, if workers get richer, they will make their own business and the state will have to import workers from poor countries. Therefore, rents are always near to the half of the salary. Danish politicians also imagined that the state take up to 70% of property inherited from parents, so, young people must work the whole life to buy a home, even their parents already bought it, they must start from the beginning again. That’s the problem for those who are without job. In the end, criminality is misused in capitalism to push people to work for 8 dkk per hour in the prison, that’s 1 Eur per hour, cheap labor for the rich.

Wednesday, Danish media published the news: the cops blocked the street of Prime Minister and military bomb squad checked one pick up car with Belgian reg plate.
But beside the news, they published photos and videos of Rasmussen street
, now all people in Denmark know his street and home number. Terrorists are enough smart, they just need to know the street, the place where are cars with dark glasses (spies), there is the home number of Rasmussen.
In any case, the PET and FE-DDIS made paranoia and didn’t find anything in the car. Of course, if terrorists know the address and attack PM, the PET and FE-DDIS spies should lose their job and they should be arrested.

The fake terrorist case is created because:
1) Finn Borch Andersen and Lars Johan Findsen wanted to make themselves important, to save their ass if they did some shit or to get more money from the state budget or to manufacture the case of an attack on PM (under their control) to represent themselves as his saviors (publishing his address is the first step),
2) they wanted to make paranoia to justify bigger spying and repression against the whole society,
3) Lockheed Martin, the CIA and Danish spies wanted to warn Rasmussen what will happen if he gives up from his politics of creating insecurity, threats and terrorism with the aim to implement totalitarian state. His security depends from them.

Here is the article from BT.dk, the media that work for the PET, they published the address and photos of Rasmussen home:

“We had a suspicious car, but it turned out there was nothing in it. We grabbed the owner and discovered that he was not suspicion anyway”.
“…the police abolished the shutdown on Heibergsgade, and now you only have a shutdown about a single vehicle, a white van in Peder Skrams Street, a side street to Heibergsgade, where The prime minister lives. The van has a Belgian license plate and contains mattresses and blankets as well as a refrigerator. Residents in the street were told earlier that they could not get to their place of residence.”