Danish Nazi spies continue with the provocations, their media make propaganda against immigrants, Pernille had annual party (spy’s) meeting

Friday-Sunday, Enhedslisten (EL) hold the annual meeting in Copenhagen, all local delegates came to chose 21 members of the party who will be candidates for the parliamentary elections, to become deputies. They have in this moment 14 places in the parliament. Pernille was there and not at her home. Considering she is again chosen by most delegates, I concluded that Danish secret service infiltrated local departments and delegates vote as they got instructions from the secret service. Spies control the whole party, each local department, and then they come to CPH one time per year to chose who will become privileged and get 50 000 dkk per month as a deputy in the parliament (6700 Eur basic salary).

There is no democracy in EL, they are infiltrated too much and true socialists have the only option to make a new party, Danish spies infiltrate EL already 10 years. The main problem is that greedy people are active and good people passive, therefore, greedy people become the main at the local level and they get money from the PET for that. Spies are not only spying, they are active to get the main roles in the party, with the aim to bring party in the direction that is good for the rich people who are afraid of socialism, of confiscation/nationalization of the property. Rich people are afraid from socialism more than from ISIS. They use the secret service to control leftists, not only about armed revolution than about the directives of the party. Pernille is one of the top people in the party who care to please secret service i.e. rich retards. As a counter service, she got a rich life from them. She is even married to a spy, Oliver Routhe Skov, a journalist who destroys the independence of the media from the Gov, similar case like Karen Clement. Pernille and Oliver are destroying the possibility for democracy in Denmark, he destroys the media independence, she destroys the party independence.

As a member of the parliamentary control of the secret service, Pernille also helps them to hide from society all Nazi shit they do to immigrants, including poisoning and media propaganda i.e. wide-spreading of racism, making racism mainstream, if you are not a racist, you are not a patriot.

So, here is some information about propaganda…

When Danish Nazi spies put money in the ass of members of the Oversight of Intelligence, this is what they do: they make propaganda against immigrants in their media.

Extrabladet’s main editor is Poul Madsen and Geir Terje Ruud has the title of chief editor (he produced Breivik with his paranoia about immigrants). In 2004 the paper had a circulation of 110,000 copies. In 2012 the paper had a circulation of 60,000 copies. That’s how much people like their racism and naked women.

The institutional owner of Extrabladet is JP/Politikens Hus A/S (Rådhuspladsen 37, Copenhagen and Grøndalsvej 3, Viby J, managers and board of directors), and this company is again owned by Jyllands-Posten Holding A/S (50%) and A/S Politiken Holding (50%), both registered at Grøndalsvej 3, 8260 Viby J. Board of directors Jyllands-Posten: http://jyllands-posten.org/organisation/fond.php
Information about A/S Politiken Holding and Jyllands-Posten Holding A/S.

Billionaires and politicians that own these holdings obviously hide themselves behind institutional ownership of the racist PET media. Every now and then, Extrabladet publishes propaganda against Roma from Romania and other immigrants. Here are just pictures, I will not copy-paste their racist news. To make racism mainstream, they make paranoia about the invasion of evil monster immigrants on Denmark, that’s how they produced Breivik in Norway.