Danish Nazi spies continue with racist activities to help to Lars Johan Findsen to take money from Maersk, they continue to misuse security companies for racist activities, one more terrorist attack in London, British ruling class are deviant lunatics

Thursday afternoon when I used Tor software, Danish Nazi spies sent their student snitch to open the door from the classroom, even the Tor is not illegal and I didn’t use it to contact Al Qaeda, it means, there is no reason for spies to record my usage of Internet that has nothing to do with terrorism. They continue to misuse network admins for racist purposes, then they send their snitches for the same racist reasons. They don’t do it against Danish white racist criminals like sissy angels. Later the same male snitch came with 4 Danish female students/snitches. I made a picture.

In the evening, I was followed by security cars and maybe 2 snitches on the street were Lebanese. It means Danish Nazi spies continue to misuse security companies against people who have different nationality, color of skin and religion. They sent and moped driver again.

Friday morning they sent the moped driver without registration plates, and several FE-DDIS snitches and several PET agents. It means they continue to misuse their job, to create the case and job for themselves, to make themselves richer. As I said, I sit and watch movies while they set up the whole case already several years, in front of the eyes of politicians and even in front fo the eyes of those who are paid to control what spies are doing.

I heard sounds in the wood beside the highway around 1am and 4am. If random person wanted to walk, there is space beside highway to walk, it is clear that snitches are coming to make sound.

Today I just went to toilet, and snitches come to sit beside classroom in Dalgas Have, I suppose they had a job to put pills in my drinks, to push me to kill.

Today happened one more terrorist attack in London, dirty British spies continue to provoke Muslims and immigrants to kill Brits to implement totalitarian state. What colonists did in Africa, they do today against people in their domestic countries. Rich people and their prostitutes: politicians, cops and spies; are real deviant lunatics, they work together against society. They also own the media and control the way of thinking of majority of society. Cheap horror movie became reality. The oversight of intelligence is the most responsible for covering spies and helping them to hide from society what they do: they bully and poison Muslims and immigrants to produce insecurity, threats, terrorism, and to implement totalitarian state. Of course Danish spies and their prostitutes in the media will exploit this attack, the same as they did before, to justify implementation of bigger repression against Danish citizens. Dirty deviant pigs.