Danish Nazi spies continue with provocations, to make the case about me and to steal money from the budget

Sunday evening 16th April Danish Nazi spies tried to produce the traffic problem when I was driving bike from Friheden station. They came with 3 cars from 3 different streets. I think it was Hvidovre Enghavevej street.

Monday 17th April 2017, 8 a.m. two spying morons came to the house I use, to wake me up. They had office rat faces, they were the cops or office rats that steal money from the budget. In the city, they sent Nazi students to come after me to the toilet, two times + one more time in the evening, all of them were sitting in the group room in the basement of the library. On the streets, they sent more than 50 Nazi spies, it was a holiday and they get extra paid per hour. It was clear, they want to take money from the budget, as more as they can. At the same time they irritated me, to push me to attack the Danes. So, I decided to make revenge, after that, all spies were removed.

Tuesday 18th, there were no spies around the house, just 2 on the bridge, but later during the day, more than 100 in the city, every 30m spies are passing beside me. They brought and South Koreans and Danish sissy criminals to follow me (reg plate BC 53 887, 12:20, Rolighedsvej). Sissy angels also sent their young moron to the library. The spies also came with laptops to spy my Internet connection …

Of course, I will continue with my revenge because of all shit they do the last 9 years.

Croatian media belonging to the secret service started to make a spin to damage relations between Serbia and Russia and to change the opinion of Serbs about Russia. Of course, one spin can’t turn Serbs against Russia. Croatian media published disinformation that Russia sold weapons to Croatia (S-300 I think) in the time of the war (1993), to fight against the Serbs. This news was clear disinformation, started from Croatia and overtaken in Serbia by The Petreus media (Blic, etc).