Danish Nazi spies continue to use Nazi students and criminals against immigrants, the last 3 days they use and transvestites

Wednesday Nazi CBS students took all bottles again, I found it only in 2 classrooms in the evening. Instead to make 700 dkk, I made 50 dkk. I found names of Nazi students in computer, I didn’t follow them because they had a party until 11pm and I knew there will be raining.

On my way to sleep, I was followed by sissy criminals, they decided to work for the secret service instead to help me to make revenge and after that I would go out of Denmark. Their choice, they will lose the money if I get arrested. Below is the picture of the female security snitch who work for the PET and set up immigrants to be arrested, she is one of those who are around Rosenorns Alle. Her job is to set me up to get me arrested, the same job has the whole group of snitches around Rosenorns Alle.

It is funny to see how much criminals suck dick of spies, they are ready even to lose the money, therefore, they make problems for me, not for snitches who set me up. They brought and transvestite in the street Sluseholmen, to suck dick of PET agents i.e. to show me that I will be raped. The last 3 days I saw 2-3 times transvestites in the streets I used, during the day, so, I thought the PET agents use them to spy immigrants, but now I see that criminals use them. Of course, it is the idea of the PET agents, criminals do what spies tell them to do. They bring transvestites and if the PET agents tell them, they will use them against me.

When I was in my tent, they sent someone to be around my tent about 30 minutes, from midnight to 00:30.

Today, Thursday morning, military spies came to Sluseholmen, they continue to produce threats, murder or terrorist case. Of course, as a countermeasure, I will go today, if it is not rainy, to follow Maersk. She is not politician and there is no reason for spies to protect her, if the spies are around, it is the proof they are corrupted.
The FBI has the right to convince you to commit criminal or terrorist act, then they arrest you, they create cases to produce more cheap labor (prisoners) for the riches, but the law is different in Europe and the cops and spies who instigate you to commit a crime, they should be arrested together with you. Therefore, my first statement at the judge will be: Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen should be arrested, Flemming Drejer and Uffe Stormly also, if not Rasmussen and Claus who told them to create murder, insecurity and terrorist cases with the advice from the CIA, in the name of profit of Lockheed Martin i.e. Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.

O yes, today, 3-5 PET Nazi parents brought kids on the streets to make them afraid from immigrants. They teach them from childhood that immigrants are monsters, so, they create new generation of racists and Nazis who will put pills in drinks of immigrants.

Today I will continue to try to find true blood criminals who will sell me what I need to make my revenge. This sissy wanna be criminals in Copenhagen continue to suck dick of spies, they use transvestites instead of bullets, they are really pussy criminals, they make money from sex, they don’t have balls to rob a bank. Pussies from rich families. And pussies have always excuses why they are pussies: Serbian spies told us to suck Danish dick.
Below is the picture of Serbian criminals before 25 years, they had to make robberies to make money, they didn’t use vagina and transvestites to make money. Low level idiots work for the secret service. Those on the picture had to escape from the police, they didn’t work for the secret service to be free when they are arrested, they had to go to the prison for every mistake they made, pussy criminals don’t go to the prison, they pay cops and spies and they are privileged, they never go to the prison.