Danish Nazi spies continue to provoke, to manufacture murder, criminality, terrorism

Records from today and yesterday… They continue to provoke me to push me to kill Danes. They continue to use Nazi students to take bottles from classrooms and they send their snitches to take bottles when I go out from the classroom.
I will have to visit one day Turkey to find criminals whom I can pay and get my revenge.

Serbian police still arrest ordinary people who have illegal weapons and cannabis, they don’t touch rich retards who have cocaine and heroin. They made 360 + 250 arrests and only 2 for heroin 216 + 688 gram and 3 for cocaine 227 + 467 + 31 gram. Criminals that work for the secret service are not arrested. They arrested 6 cops, for minor things, they didn’t take the full money for registration of vehicles and damaged the budget. Only one man had 56 riffles and 28 guns.