Danish and Swedish spies spread racism and manufacture terrorist cases even against 15 years old teen

Today, Saturday, the CIA monkeys follow me in the city, while the last night I was followed by the G4S. Today, Danish Nazi spies also sent their morons beside classroom I used, so, they could access my food when I went out. They also keep their racist students after lectures in classrooms, to prevent that I go inside to take bottles, the last 2 days they took care that I don’t take bottles from a Case Competition (they made me short surely 300 dkk), but I took bottles from other buildings and gathered 100 dkk per evening. In any case, they continue with racism: keeping immigrants without money to push us to be criminals i.e. to send us the police, to arrest us and make propaganda in the media. As I said, Flemming Drejer is a Nazi deviant lunatic and as the PET agent, he misuses the police against immigrants. The point is to get racist orgasm, and to produce the basis to make propaganda against immigrants in the media.

Swedish racist SAPO (spies) just made a viral news before 2 days: one cop from Orebro published his opinion on the Facebook about % of immigrants in criminal activities (suspected, not punished, there is a theory of innocence). Of course, nobody gives a shit what one racist cops is thinking, as long as SAPO doesn’t make it the news. Well, SAPO racists ordered this opinion from him and they made the news from it. Swedish and Danish secret services are machines for reproducing racism, for popularization of racist parties in the media, for convincing society that government is good when they make repression against immigrants. Without Gestapo and media propaganda, Hitler would never succeed to convince so many Germans to hate Jews and to help to Gestapo to find them and arrest them. Before 70 tears and today, the colonist secret service is the main machine to produce racism. Therefore, racist cops are chosen to work as PET agents. And “accidentally” billionaire Maersk family finance racist Danish People Party.

Here are the media that popularized one opinion of a shitty cop who “forgot” to say that Swedish racism produces criminality: https://www.google.se/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Peter+Springare

Between Thursday and Friday I slept 11 hours, and again 3 p.m. I hardly kept my eyes open, I needed to sleep very much. I didn’t sleep so long 25 years. It means military spies drugged me again, to get money from Ane Maersk Uggla. I think they drugged me because it was -4 ºC and if I sleep 11 hours, maybe I will die frozen. They tried in any case. They keep me without a job so I can’t pay rent for a flat and food, they harass me when I sleep in places for social cases, now they drug me in the nature to sleep very long and die frozen. All of that with the support of Pernille Skipper and the Oversight of Intelligence. Possibly they will try to produce some heart disease at me or heart attack as they did in 2012. Before 2 weeks I had the same symptoms like in 2012.

Tomorrow is Sunday, I will send many emails about Flemming Drejer and the complaint of cops about him. Then people can read it on Monday when they come to the job.

As I said in the past, the girl 16 years old who was arrested before one year (only 15!) for terrorism, stayed in custody while her friend is free. Even he said, the ingredients and chemicals belong to him (bullshit charges for a bomb: fertilizer, petrol, diesel and other chemicals, any idiot can keep it at his home), so, it is clear he set her up to “keep” it for him, but now she is charged and he is free. A trial will begin on April 7th in Holbæk, 100% with a fake lawyer who is working for spies against her, possibly they will try to represent her as crazy, they already poisoned her food in the prison, therefore, they corrupt the Oversight of Intelligence, to realize colonial repression, to poison immigrants and “Danish traitors” even if it is just a 15 years old girl. It is clear that this is one more case of manufactured terrorism, the PET Nazi agents create cases: to make colonist Nazi revenge against the Danish girl who became Muslim (even she was just 15), to make propaganda with the purpose of making repression against society on the basis of fear from terrorism, to make propaganda with the purpose of ordering arms from the USA, etc. With the same purpose Nazi PET agents are using criminals to attack prison guards, to create insecurity and profit from that, but also to privatize prisons (G4S corrupted some pigs). All in all, they implement totalitarian system and they misuse criminals for that. There were 5 attacks against prison guards in one week.