Criminal spies got 100 years of prison for killing Slavko Curuvija, 30 of them saved their ass, the same 30 that organize problems for me and kiss the CIA in the ass

In the last week, the most important news is that spies who killed Slavko Curuvija got 100 years of prison. After 20 years of the court process. Of course, they made sentence in that way that they don’t know who shot bullets, it means, the highest court will abolish sentence and send it back to the lower court, to make the process again. So, criminal spies will die from natural death before they are sent to the prison. And one of them, Basta, is not mentioned in sentence, the same as 30 of spies who followed Slavko on the day of murder. They are the same 30+ spies who started to do shit to me in 1999, 9th unit of Serbian secret service, despite of problems with spies I was deported back to Serbia from Switzerland in 2005. Danish and US spies in 2018 even asked Serbian spies to do shit to me because I am against NATO. This 30+ morons are now together with the CIA. Spies changed side to legalize money, they made themselves rich, now they kiss the EU/CIA in the ass. Together with Serbian nationalist capitalist president who will sell his mother for money.

In the last 2 days this 30+ morons from 9th unit continue to send female teens to kiss the CIA in the ass, to make for me sexual scandal, they sent again one man to befriend with me at protest on Saturday. It looks he is opposition but working for spies. I refused to give him my phone number and to stay in contact with him.
Unfottunately, oppositional leaders have no balls to radicalize protest, they want to get positions without to put ass in the fire, they are from higher class and they have good life, they don’t want to take the risk. Protest on this Saturday was several times smaller than in the past 3 months. We should go to TV Pink but they decided to change the route of protest. Protesters are angry. On the one side, Serbian spies infiltrated opposition, on the other side, Vucic and his media made propaganda that opposition is violent and opposition was enough stupid to play such game and proove that they are not violent. Therefore, opposition loose support and less people are coming to protest. If they don’t make revolution the next Saturday, I will not go to protest anymore. If they have too good life to put their ass in the fire, I have no reason to go to their protest, it is not people protest anymore, protest is overtaken by higher class. And higher class is part of dirty system that should be changed.

Today I saw that people can go to doctor for free, national day of health, but ministry lied again. I visited hospital and could not get doctor. If I proove that i can’t hear so good on my ear, I could study as invalid, without to pay 900 Eur tuition fee. I didn’t know before if you can’t hear so well, they say you are an invalid and the university let you to study for free. Cubans don’t have such capitalist exploitation problems, they can study, the state finance education. We have shitty President and Prime Minister, we must find some way to study for free or we must borrow money from bankers to pay studying, people become debt slaves because of criminal politicians who are in politics just because of money. I can study political science with a proof I get social help, but they accept only 120 students, it is hard to compete with pupils who learnt history yesterday in the secondary school which I finished before 25 years. I suppose they will have better results than me. More than 400 people applied last year for political science. At the faculty of law, they accept 1400 candidates, but they push you to pay 900 Eur or you must be an invalid to study for free. They don’t let poor people to study for free. Professors studied for free in the time of Tito, the same as criminal president, but now they want only children from the higher class to become educated, those from the higher class will work for the Gov against society, poor educated people will organize protest against capitalist Gov. That’s techique of ruling in capitalism, they exclude poor people from education, with the intention to keep them low educated and poor, to push them to become member of the ruling party in order to get a job in their life. I wrote it to professors of law when I told them that spies organize their students and professors against me since October when I started to visit lectures in amphiteathers. And professors know I said the truth, they work for the Gov and help to the president to keep people low educated and poor. Professors of political science are better than law professors, but they accept 10 times less students at political science. I must begin to read history for the secondary school, immatriculation exam will be in the end of June. If I become student, I will create student organization to fight against university administration and against the Gov. Both keep us poor and low educated, to satisfy the president and his autocracy: making his party massive, to create fake impression that he has support in society. I don’t sell myself for a job, I didn’t become member of his party. His techique of ruling is not working in my case, therefore, they must use repression.

Finally I saw who takes the furniture/woods from the building where I sleep, possibly the same morons destroyed glass on the place I sleep, they are workers sent by director of Tehnicom Construction, Vladan Kovačević, he owned the building before he took a credit from MTS bank and the property is under mortgage. The court process in Serbia is usually several years, until it is finished, nobody is the owner of the building. So, maybe spies contacted director, the first one month I was there, workers didn’t come to take furniture/wood.
Now they come already 3 weeks, they broke bulbs in place I sleep, to cut myself, there is no light to see broken bulbs, I was lucky I put some matrass to sleep and I heard the sound of glass, then I removed it. There is no accident when you are target of spies, they organize everything. They included and some Roma family, they don’t make problems, but two young men with them shit in the building, 2 times in my room also, and toilet at the fruit market is 20m from the building. It is visible they are told to produce problems, simply, toilet is just 20m and working from 7 a.m. every day. The last week they didn’t do it but it is still stinking from the past. I can move to another building, but there is no toilet like here, and it is better for me to be near Ada Ciganlija because of the summer. I will go there every day.

The man from Poland cheated me that he will give me 10 000 USD to make website and apps for him, Serbian programmers told me 200 000 USD for such project and Vietnamese company 82 000 USD. I thought to give to programmers 6k and to keep for me 4k, then I could make 15x3m small house from metal and glass, similar to small kiosk, I like metal construction and walls from glass. Spies could make problem only about location permission to place the house, but I could find oppositional municipality to ask for permission. For small objects, people don’t need construction than only location permission. Thermal-insulation glass is expensive, I would need more than 1000 Eur just for the glass, plus sink and shower inside, air condition for winter and summer, washing machine… 2000 Eur + tuition fee for the law faculty… I thought I will cover all of that from this job. Now I must apply to study for free as an invalid or as a person who gets social help. In any case, the most important thing is to begin to read history.