Bribed members of the Oversight of Intelligence still support Danish Nazi spies to spread disease among immigrant population

It looks I will have to send emails to Albanians again, and about Pernille to anarchists too.
Today and yesterday, Danish Nazi spies sent their snitches to make me sick. Monday morning, one spy was coughing behind me on the bus, 5 hours later I had pain in my muscle and temperature, then pigs saw I visited pharmacy to buy paracetamol, and they sent more spies to cough in my face. This Tuesday morning, one moron in Netto was 20cm from my face when he was coughing, but they sent also 2 spies to sit beside me in S-Train to cough. Paracetamol helped me last night, but now I have small problem again, I must use it again. It is hard for me to heal if I become sick, therefore, they do it. To realize their Nazism, they corrupted members of the Oversight of Intelligence. Therefore, they can spread disease among immigrants, is it fever or chemical castration, it doesn’t matter what, it is Nazism and Pernille should be shot for that. Nazi whore is lucky I don’t have a gun, but she can fall down on the knife as well. In any case, more Albanians and other people will get emails from me.

Danish Nazi spies, together with the CIA, continue to send their Muslims to follow me. They drive every night a moped on the bridge beside me. They follow me in the public transport too.

Before 2-3 nights Danish Nazis tried to produce traffic problem again, but I stopped with my bike and wrote one registration plate: BA 23 594, it was 11 p.m. One more car was coming from another street at the same time. All in all, they make provocations to manufacture murder or terrorism, they poison immigrants and make us sick, they misuse the cops against immigrants. Now there are 1000 immigrant prisoners and 2000 Danish prisoners. Soon it will be: 1 Danish and 2999 immigrant prisoners. That’s why they created fake Oversight of Intelligence: to spread racism in society, to make racist repression, to manufacture terrorism, etc. The members of the Oversight and the Minister of Justice are people who help them to hide from society what they do.

When I have time, I will edit videos and publish information about harassment they do with the aim to produce attacks against Danish citizens and politicians. I forgot to add: Nazi spies infiltrated Netto in Falkoner Alle and their spies now monitor when I come, if I will steal something. They keep immigrants poor, then they infiltrate places we buy food, to call the cops and get prisons full with immigrants. They manufacture criminality with the aim to make propaganda against immigrants i.e. to justify racist government politics about monster immigrants.
I saw also at the CBS, student rent a room only to a Nordic person. And on Sunday I watched Croatian fascist propaganda in WWII: Nordic skull is correct and Russian one is not correct, it means Nordic has the right to rule all over the world. They misused quasi scientists who work for the secret service to justify Nazism, the ideology of exploitation that makes rich people richer. Danish students are Nordic Nazis. Danish students worked for the PET and poisoned mu drinks with pills for chemical castration, October, November and December, 3 months every day.