Bratislav Gašić and Vučić continue to sell Serbia to Americans, they set me up the cops to follow me

Well, Bratislav Gašić continue to misuse his job to set me up the cops to follow me. It is hard to find 1 room flat in Belgrade for a normal price (under 150 eur), so, I decided to rent a room, but even a room is hard to get, it is gone very fast, and they want students or workers, deposit, etc. In the west Europe if you rent something, you get a contract and address in your ID, here they want deposit, but no address. In any case, for me is important that it is cheap and not so far from the city, I can come in the night without public transport, etc.

Bratislav Gašić also mixed his fingers in my health care check, so, I will not get proof that I am half deaf on my right ear, it means, if I want to study, I will have to pay the full price: 900 eur. I visited the hospital and the doctor said everything is fine with my ears, nurse/technician did audiometry and said that my right ear is not good as left one, they didn’t do timpanometry (scan of the inner ear to see if it is damaged). When I was 15 years old, doctors told me I need surgery but I should do it when I am older, when I was older, in the military, I asked for surgery, they told me I should do it when I was young, and it is too late to do it. Now 25 years later, they say my ears are good. Serbian state is shit since 1991 and today it is still shit, you can’t get a proper medical examination, in general, although in my case spies mix their fingers. The destruction of Yugoslavia brought us also destruction of health care system. So, the doctor gave me receipt to buy some oil for ears, to use it 6 months, and “my ears will be better”. It is the same when people aks for an invalid pension, no chance to get it, you must bribe. And stupid professors of the law made a rule, they accept proof only from state institutions and not from private hospitals, opinion of private doctor doesn’t mean anything to them. In the state institution, they will never give any proof, they save money for the state, people can get money from the state if they are half deaf or blind, etc. Possibly I will do timpanometry in the private hospital, just to see what is my situation. It cost 17 eur.

Considering my situation, it looks, the CIA still uses successfully China and Russia to manipulate with North Korea, it means, Serbian and American spies can do whatever they want against me. I am interested to see if Putin will just give verbal resistance to the colonial attack of the US against Venezuela, if he does it, it means, it is the same about North Korea, if he sells Maduro to Trump, he will sell Kim to Trump too. It is the same with China. Both still imagine they will succeed to make better relations with the USA by selling to Trump this or that leader of the state, this or that Serb to the CIA, etc. It is comic how much they are irrational. I am happy to see that Kim shot several rockets after meeting with Putin, so, Putin and Chinese president will never succeed to misuse DPKR (North Korea) to show themselves as “factor of stability in Asia without whom there is no peace”. They tried to set up Kim in Copenhagen, they will try it again, and despite of that, they will never succeed to make better relations with the USA.

Oh yes, and to say: I will register NGO, political movement, possibly the next week. Morons can kiss me in my ass, the same as they kiss the CIA in the ass. I can’t believe Serbian spies and the CIA succeeded to remove so many countries from me, coutnries that are targets of colonial politics. Crazy but true, especially now when Venezuela is in front of the war with the USA, they were removed from me by Serbian spies. They let the CIA to manipulate with my life by misusing Serbian spies against me. The serbian secret service is now an American secret service, we have colonial administration, we are not independent country any more. Bosko Obradovic (opposition) said it also before 2 years, I am agreed with him about it.