Bradly Manning is free, Swedish stopped to help to Rumsfeld against Wikileaks, Danish spies and the CIA continue to poison me with the aim to produce a stroke or heart attack

The good news these days are:
Bradly Manning is free from the prison and from poisoning of his health (by military spies), he should relocate from the united snakes of America to some other country that is not friendly with snakes, in that way he can repair his health, and
Swedish spies and politicians stopped to help to Rumsfeld and Cheney to imprison the founder of Wikileaks, they dropped the rape case against Julian Assange. Now several American snakes like Rumsfeld will push prosecutors to make charges against Julian. This is a partly victory for Julian, he can be still imprisoned on the basis of the charges made in America, Britain will surely send him to the united snakes, Rumsfeld and Cheney. The snakes privatized the state, the state exists only on the paper. America = Rumsfeld, Cheney, Kellog, McCain, and similar.

Today is Copenhagen marathon, if they didn’t destroy my health, I would go there, I don’t make sport because my heart would over-jump/skip, therefore, today, I will watch Serbian athletes on YouTube, if I can’t make sport, I can watch athletics, the athletic is still out of the hands of criminals who destroyed our football and fight sport. Ivana Španović from Serbia won a gold medal for jumping 7.24m, long jump European Indoor Championships in Belgrade March 2017, she is good in sport but made stupid plastic surgery on her lips, but she jumps the best, 27cm more than the second ranked British Lorraine 6.97m. Lorraine is light and has a good jump, while Ivana “invested” more in professional training (the whole her body). The mother of Ivana was also No1 in running when she was 17 years old, in our old Yugoslavia )20 million people), but she didn’t continue with the sport, now she has an athletic club for kids in her city. Darya Klishina (Russian) has a father who was also an athlete, and she is 4th ranked 6.84m, she could do it better if she takes the risk and forget the line, she cares to avoid stepping on the line and she doesn’t jump maximum she could. German Claudia is number 3, she jumped 6.94m, she uses speed to jump as long as she can. Claudia is also from a sport’s family, she is also a Multisport player (pentathlon (five events: 100m hurdles, long jump, shot put, high jump, and an 800m run) and heptathlon (7 events: 100m hurdles, High jump, Shot put, 200m, Long jump, Javelin throw, 800m)).
It is interesting that the best athletic clubs in Serbia are not from Belgrade than from Vojvodina, Ivana is also from Vojvodina.

This Sunday morning, 21st May 2017, I was followed by the CIA monkeys.
Danish spies came to say “good morning”, but spies have dirty character and if they are nice, it means they are trying to kill you.

Now I just took my breakfast, fish, yogurt and bread, and 2 times I had the feeling that my heart will stop to work. When I was coming with the bike I had also one time skipping of my heart and yesterday it was the same case while I was eating romkugler/cake, I had 2x hart’s skips. It means they blocked the work of my pancreas and when I eat sweet or fat/oil, I get problem with cardiovascular system. Without enzymes for fat and insulin for sugar, you get a heart attack because of oil and sugar in your food. That’s how they poisoned Serbs in Sheveningen, that’s how they poison me in Denmark. Therefore, they send spies to sit in classrooms I use or beside it, now they call other people, to mix spies with students who study because of exams, but only those who are spies they poison the food. They intruded their spies even in 3 Lidel and Netto, where I buy food from their bakeries. They changed workers just because I buy food there. The last 2 months Lidel products in the bakery are more full with oil than in the past. They kill you with oil and sugar after they block the work of your pancreas (and liver). In 2012, I had pain in my arteries even after I ate bread and butter. They are using the same poison like in the past several years.

Saturday evening they sent their fake Muslims to follow me, possibly those who sit in Nyhavn, they disturb me in the traffic with cars, moped, etc. Saturday morning grandma was driving bike in Enghavevej and she could fall down because of their spy who was driving moped, reg plate was BY 1 …

Friday evening was the same case, they sent spies to produce traffic problems for me.
Friday was also the CBS alumni, 100 years celebration, they called former students who are grandparents already, several hundreds of people came and they had speeches, music, food and drinks, spies told to workers to take all bottles, even from the garbage, minimum 1000 bottles. 3 floors were booked for the event, many people came and it was 20 degrees. Of course, spies sent and 2 their snitches to collect bottles or better said, to make awareness of security about bottle collectors, to kick them out. That’s how they organize repression against immigrants, I didn’t take the food or bottles, so, they didn’t make any problem for me. Spies succeeded to prevent immigrants to take bottles from big manifestation, with the help of canteen and cleaning workers and spies, maybe even they activated students from some student organization. Some people took more than 1000 empty bottles and they didn’t let immigrants to take even one bottle. Clear racism, hidden behind nice manifestation, Danes come to enjoy and they don’t know what happens “behind the stage”. If they know, they would fight against racism, to make their country better, therefore, the work of the secret service is secret, they hide racism from ordinary Danes who should love their country, and to love their country, they should not know that spies organize racism.