Anders Thornberg spread fear and manufactures terrorism to implement totalitarian state, Denmark sold surveillance equipment to the Gulf states, corporate fascist Soren Pind will limit admission of foreign students, ENAR reports about racism in DK, Danish colonial racists keep Somalian 16 years in the prison mental hospital, rich homes of financial criminals Jose Rodriguez and Lars Johan Findsen

terrorism misused to create a totalitarian state

Swedish Säpo chief Anders Thornberg didn’t resign after the last terrorist attack in Sweden, an Uzbek used a stolen truck to mow down pedestrians, he even manufactured that case and now he speaks for the media: thousands jihadis are going to kill you, we must take your freedom (and steal more money from society). Yes, the last 3 years, the Gov increase the budget for Säpo.
“We have never seen anything like it before,” said Säpo chief Anders Thornberg in an interview with Swedish news agency TT.
“We would say that it has gone from hundreds to thousands now,” said Thornberg.
“This is the ‘new normal’ … It is an historic challenge that extremist circles are growing,” he said. Surely he didn’t say anything about the CIA help (facebook, twitter) to ISIS to recruit Muslims in Europe to go to fight against Assad, Anders wants that people blame ISIS, not the CIA and their trying to change the Gov in Syria.
“We used to have different circles. We had radicalized people from North Africa, the Middle East and Somalia, but they were all separate,” Thornberg said Säpo now receives around 6,000 intelligence tips a month concerning terrorism and extremism, compared to an average 2,000 a month in 2012.
He wanted to say, Säpo is successful in spreading fear and paranoia and racism, people report anyone for any stupid thing: “oh, black man with long beard is standing on the corner, I must call Säpo”.
In any case, the CIA and Lockheed Martin corrupted Swedish politicians long time ago, in other case, they would not give a shit to set up Julian Assange for raping. When you buy politicians, you bought and secret service. The rest are details, the CIA gives them advice how to manufacture terrorist cases, they do everything to provoke you to push you to kill, if you don’t, they will poison you to push you to do it. They also imprison Muslims to poison them and then let them out to kill. All of that is done with the order from politicians in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium and Britain.

Danish priests marry more gay couples every year, 105 in 2016. Lesbian couples form the largest proportion of the weddings, according to the report. Well, considering Danish women become more and more like men, even if you marry a woman, it is the same as that you married a man 🙂 Danish men became like women and women became like men 🙂 If you marry Danish man, it is the same like that you married woman. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Denmark sold surveillance equipment to oppressive Gulf states. Denmark sold technology enabling Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar to monitor critics of their regimes with the approval of state authorities, according to a report. Aalborg-based BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, a subsidiary of British weapons giant BAE Systems, sold the advanced technology with the blessing of Danish authorities. Helle Lykke Nielsen, the professor of Middle East Studies at the University Of Southern Denmark told Information there was “no chance” the regimes in the relevant countries would choose not to use the technology against peaceful critics. But hey, Nielsen doesn’t know that Danish spies also bully immigrants that criticize Danish wars.
“With this system it is possible to see which websites people are using, where they are going, and you can read all unencrypted emails and messages to or from people in the country,” senior researcher Nicholas Weaver of the University of California, Berkeley, said.
“If you can’t reject Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressive countries in the world, then it’s hard to see who this couldn’t be sold to,” Amnesty International Denmark’s general secretary Trine Christensen told Information.

Corporate fascist Soren Pind, the Minister of Science from the Venstre party,
continues to take the money from the rich people and to misuse his position to make rich people happy. He got the position about the science and he brings the science to serve the interests of rich racists who finance his ass. He promised to cut down admission places at the university for English-language programmes. He wants to reduce the number of students following English-language programmes, with the excuse that only one-fifth of graduates are working in Denmark two years after graduating. But he forgot to say: we are racists, we refuse foreigners who graduated, therefore, they go out from DK after getting a degree. They can’t get a job from racists.
“We can see that the number of foreign students that come here to get an education paid for by Danish taxpayers has increased sharply in recent years. But there are far too few staying and contributing to Denmark afterwards. So we need to make a reduction in admissions,” said Pind. He also said that all further education programmes in Denmark should educate people for the benefit of the Danish employment sector, and that many programmes do not currently serve that purpose.
Shortly, he wants to limit foreign students from coming to Denmark, to keep Denmark ethnically clean, he knows that capitalists can’t employ all workers and he wants to limit foreign workers to come to Denmark, even if they are high educated. He just turns thesis and publish the fake information that graduated people don’t want to stay in Denmark and contribute. The truth is that racism became mainstream and employers, people who own business, refuse to give jobs to immigrants. Consequently they go back to their countries, with a degree from Denmark.

European Network Against Racism (ENAR) made a report about racism in the EU and they mentioned Danish examples of racism. They report also the case of an asylum seeker who was severely assaulted by a three masked men, an arson attack on a bus used by the inhabitants of an asylum centre, and three incidents in which threatening graffiti was sprayed on asylum centres’ walls. But beside individual racism, there is also institutional racism, racism of the deputies and state departments.
Significant cuts to social benefits for refugees have also been made since Støjberg’s Venstre (Liberal) party returned to government following the 2015 election.
The advertisements placed by immigration minister Inger Støjberg in Lebanese newspapers telling refugees not to come to Denmark.
Danish People’s Party MP Martin Henriksen telling an 18-year-old high school student, who was born in Denmark to a Danish mother and Iranian father, during a TV debate that he did not automatically consider him to be Danish.
“You can’t jump to the conclusion that you are Danish, just because you are born and raised in Denmark, speak Danish, and study at a Danish school. That is just absurd,” Henriksen said during the debate.
By making such a statement, Henriksen excluded Danish citizens with a foreign background from the Danish national identity, concluded the report, stating that “the typical markers of what would traditionally be one’s national identity such as birth place, language, education were not enough and racial and cultural heritage was the defining factor used for exclusion in this instance.”

The whole racism in Denmark is made by the politicians and secret service that controls media, to kiss rich sponsors (retards) in the ass. Billionaires are the root of racism and they like racism because it brings them profit. Therefore, rich retards give the money to political parties.

If you didn’t know how much Danish state is full of crazy racists working in the state sector, such lunatics usually work for the secret service, you can see here: Somalia’s ambassador to the EU, Ali Faqi, demanded from Denmark to release 36-year-old Abdulle Ahmed, a man who came to Denmark as a refugee and Danes are keeping him all the time in a mental hospital, already 16 years. He was 12 years old when he came to Denmark in 1992, now he is 28 years old. After they kept him in a mental hospital 9 years, surely they used medicaments and electro shocks to torture him, he attacked one social carer and they put him in a custodial sentence at a psychiatric unit. After a second assault i.e. rebellion, Ahmed was transferred to the high-security part of the mental hospital and they still keep him there. To put him there with other dangerous criminals, they needed a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice on the recommendation of doctors. They got it in 2001, they said he suffers from psychosis and schizophrenia. But although the sentence for psychiatric treatment was lifted by Holbæk Court in 2009, the ministry did not withdraw its statement. So, this case is the proof of existence of colonial racism in Danish state institutions: doctors and the Minister misuse their job to find a reason to damage the life of this man. Considering doctors are on the paid list of pharmaceutical companies, surely they misuse mentally ill people to test new medicaments on humans. You rebel, they put you in a mental hospital, then they poison you with medicaments and make you sick, they use also electric shocks. It means doctors in Danish mental hospitals are working for military secret service, they are full of racist colonists. On Wednesday, some people threw color on Danish national symbol, Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue, and wrote a message “freedom for Abdulle”. The statue, made in 1913, depicts the character from Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. There have been several legal demonstrations calling for Abdulle’s release with several hundred participants.
Faqi has previously demanded him to be handed over to Somalia and hired a Danish lawyer to work for his release. The Danish authorities have so far not shown any desire to meet the Somalian demands. The case has also been criticized by a parliamentary ombudsman, the Council of Europe’s torture committee and Amnesty International, reports Nordjyske. Documentation has shown that Ahmed has been given anti psychosis medicines in far greater amounts than recommended doses and has received electroshock therapy on several occasions, according to Politiken’s report.

The singer of the band Belgrade Syndicate is also a lawyer, Fedja Dimović, and he used yesterday the media to publish information that his client (prisoner, Milorad Nikolić) died in a prison mental hospital in Serbia. Milorad sent SMS messages to his friend Danko Batanić with threats about Aleksandar Vučić and Stefanović, this idiot reported him and he was arrested for producing threats, insecurity for the Prime minister and Minister of Police Stefanović. Fedja said, they kept him in the custody with suspicious reasons: First it was said that the court had no money to pay for expert witnesses, and then it was asked from the experts to declare in writing they will not testify as the experts as long as they do not get deposit funds from the court. That was the excuse for them to prolong the custody for this man. Fedja said, when he spoke with him he was under influence of big doses of medicaments that was not really necessary.
I believe this man died as the result of activities of spies (BIA) and doctors that also work for spies and for pharmaceutical companies. They misused their job to kill him.

Considering my private life, Friday in Dalgas Have I found 20 cakes after the seminar and 2 hours later I had pain in my left and right side of stomach (liver and pancreas), today I have periodically pain in the left side. In the evening, spies sent their snitch to jump out with his car from the small street near to me, from Peter Sabroes gade, I was driving in Sydhavnsgade, his reg plate XN 49 755, they continue to provoke immigrants to kill people in Denmark. There were again fake fishermen 11 pm and they drove bikes beside me in the nature. They do everything to produce murder. Here are car plates of fake fishermen before one week, I have it in my phone: BW 34 107, AT 35 523. All of them produce terrorisms or murder, with the support of the Oversight of Intelligence and by the order of Lars Lokke Rasmussen and Claus Hjort Frederiksen that are corrupted by Lockheed Martin.

This Saturday morning, there was one snitch as a fake fisherman and later in the city one female CIA bitch and a Danish spy driving bike with masked face. 5 spies more later when I was going to buy breakfast, so, just instead to send 50 spies in the nature, Lars Johan Findsen send them in the city, to steal money from society.

Findsen has the house worth 7 million dkk, 152 square-meters, he bought it in 2005 for 4.2M dkk, the Prime Minister house in Græsted is much cheaper, Findsen stole money more than Lokke.

It is the same with the CIA, their head of counter terrorism center (authorized to make secret prisons and torture), Jose Rodriguez, has the house with 8 rooms, 8 baths, elevator, theater, gym, spa, pool, mahagony library, $8M USD, more luxury house than the one of Hillary Clinton, $1.7M USD, 5 beds, 4 baths. Hillary has money in secret bank account in Switzerland, but the CIA and Danish FE-DDIS steal the money each time they give cash to their spies. They also get the money from billionaires to do the job for them. Economic espionage is done by Danish military spies, they spy competition of Danish billionaires in other countries. Obama home in Chicago has 6 bedrooms and is worth $3M USD. It is interesting, Rex Tillerson home is not listed in google maps, zillow, and there is no google street view of his house. His street is without street view.

Lokke rent his house in Græsted (273 squaremeters) for 13 000 dkk per month, he got home near to the Gov office in Copenhagen, his house is worth about 3.5-4 million dkk (500 000 Eur), he bought it in 2000 for 1.8M dkk, politicians often get some deals under the table and some special loans conditions from the bank, so, they can speculate with the property and profit.

Here are photos of their homes they bought with stolen money.