American warship beside Korea will sink, Trump and Kim need it, the CIA started to use Albanians in Macedonia to create the war

Trump keeps warship near to North Korea to push Kim to attack the ship. Kim can be killed by the rockets from the ship when Americans get information about places Kim plans to visit (public manifestations) and he has no choice than to destroy the ship. That’s the excuse for Trump to sacrifice 25 000 soldiers in the buffer zone, without to be blamed by Americans. This ship will sink, Kim needs it (to protect himself) and Trump needs it (to start the war and Blame Kim for that). Trump wants to kill Kim and impose capitalism in North Korea, the CIA/DoD that manages the US military industry want a war without end between South and North Korea, to profit, the same as they profit from the war between Israel and Palestine (50 years), Syria 5 years, Afghanistan 16 years, Iraq 14 years, Libya 6 years. Therefore, they made propaganda against Trump and infiltrated his team, but now he is jumping as they want, they don’t make propaganda against him anymore. The problem of Kim are not American soldiers, Trump can send always new soldiers, Kim’s problem are the owners and managers of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, UTC, General Dynamics, and similar.


Political leaders in the Balkans have the same problem, Balkan’s problem is concretely Phebe Novakovic, the CEO of General Dynamics, 5th largest defense contractor. She was authorized in the CIA to fight the Soviet Union, communist Yugoslavia, and today she uses Albanians to make a war and profit. Phebe and the CIA started yesterday to use Albanians to make chaos in Macedonia, and they will transfer that problem on Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and they will not have any interest to let the war to end, they want a war without end. The CIA produced problems in the Macedonian parliament, with the help of Albanians and sold leader of social-democrats (Zoran Zaev). The president of the Macedonian parliament stopped the session and deputies (Albanians and social-democrats) decided to chose another president and they chose Albanian deputy to be the president of the parliament (Talat Xhaferi, a former defense minister from the ethnic Albanian DUI party). Automatically, a crowd of Macedonians came from all over the country to Skopje and attacked the parliament. The demonstrators confronted SDSM leader Zoran Zaev who was later pictured bleeding from his head, he was hit with something. The Minister of the police is also Albanian and he ordered to the cops to stop the crowd and evacuate deputies from the building, they had to go down from the 1st floor as it is visible in the video.

I hope that the President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, will dissolve the parliament. But it is short solution, the CIA will not stop. Ivanov has the problem called Phebe Novakovic, Albanians are just a tool to make a profit. As long as the US military industrial complex is untouched, there will be wars, in the Balkans, in Syria, North Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc.

Serbian politicians behave smart and call for peace, speaking that Albanians would not stand up alone, without support (from America), so, I am satisfied with their speeches to the media. The problem is that on the long run, Serbian politicians will be good for the CIA, if you stay passive and Albanians make the war, you lose. If Vučić, Ivanov and others stay passive and call for peace, Albanians will use it to organize themselves, make the war, and win. Dissolving the parliament and calling for peace is temporary solution, on the long run, only united Greeks, Macedonians, Montenegrin and Serbs can suppress Albanian nationalism and their striving to create big Albania. Greece must push EU politicians to stop to support Albanians, because of Greece that is a member of the EU. Vučić must visit Greece and other countries if he really wants to stop Albanians, now he just called Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian leaders to speak about the peace, he should speak about organizing an united front to stop Albanians/CIA. The problem is that American banks i.e. the CIA infiltrated EU politics and it will be hard for Greece to achieve its goals considering the EU politicians.

At the same time, there is a protest in Serbia every day in the last 3 weeks, without political parties, but organizers can be connected with the CIA. To make protest massive, they said, they protest against all political parties and bad things in Serbia, not only against the Prime Minister. The US military industry is unhappy with Vučić because he doesn’t want to go against Russia and he ordered warplanes from Russia and not from America. Therefore, they misuse poverty in Serbia to produce Serbian Spring. People have reason to protest, but organizers can be traitors. Now, after 3 weeks, students are those who organize protests. They can use it just to build a personal political career, I don’t trust to any student leaders, they are from rich families and they use protest to make personal success. Vučić was smart to let people to protest without to use the cops against them, repression would make protest more massive, Vučić knows the technique or ruling. But this week, organizers plan to radicalize protests and we will see what Vučić will do about it. His secret service should prove connections between organizers and America, then they can be arrested, but they are too stupid to do it or they don’t want to do it. Massive repression will just bring more people to protest.


The French court in Colmar yesterday (27th April) refused extradition of Kosovo Albanian Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia, wanted for war crimes, the court justified its decision with formal reasons, Serbia didn’t make second charge or something like that and the life of Ramush in Serbian prison would be in danger, but the fact is that the judge was under pressure of French politicians that are corrupted by the CIA. The CIA protects Albanians. Possibly Albanians also offered the money to the judge or they gave the money to the French Minister of Justice. Serbia took back our ambassador from France, Serbia will today make a note of protest to France, but the PM will not go further and expel the French ambassador from Serbia. He will also send a letter to all UN members about the behavior of France (protection of war criminals).

Ramush Haradinaj, Colmar, France