12th April 2017, the CIA monkeys sent a crowd of their spies, somebody sold them some information

The CIA monkeys organized problems in Venezuela yesterday. Still, I don’t understand why Maduro doesn’t do what Tito did after WWII: clear the country from the opposition, send them to the USA. Those who hated Tito and socialism, they escaped to Chicago/USA and Australia. Maduro should do the same, put them in the airplane and send them to Miami. Evo Morales should do the same. Confiscate their property and give it to the poor. Without money, they don’t have the power to make politics as the CIA needs it.

Wednesday 12th April 2017, the CIA monkeys sent a crowd of their spies to follow me: South Koreans, Jamaicans, Danish Lebanese working for the G4S i.e. for the Danish secret service, etc. It looks that the mole from the embassy again sold information to the CIA with the aim to sabotage some action i.e. with the aim to make money from drugs in Denmark.

This Thursday morning I saw only Danish military spies at the Skredderholmen bridge, they didn’t send 50 spies to steal money from the budget. At the CBS, Danish spies occupied all classrooms. I found one empty and they sent some snitch to sit inside, in fact he is sleeping. Obviously his job is to control if I speak with somebody.

Today is holiday in Denmark, everything is closed and because of rain, I am lazy to visit Charlottenlund. Deviant Nazi lunatics manufacture terrorism, but terrorism will come to their doors, especially if they poison immigrants. In the last 10 days, my sleeping bag in the nature was touched 7 times, it was not in the same position as I left it or it was taken out and packed inside again. If they travel one hour with a bike to the nature because of my sleeping bag, I am sure they did some shit, they can spray my bag and I can breathe it when I sleep or anything else. In that way, they can damage my health, they can poison me to push me to attack people. That’s the reason they push me to go to sleep to the nature, they infiltrated places I could use to sleep, therefore, they wake up immigrants 6 a.m. Pernille is directly responsible for such infiltration with the aim to damage the health of immigrants.
The night before yesterday, Danish military spies drugged me again, I was also without the air while sleeping, maybe they close my nose when they drug me or it is the result of some poison, in any case, yesterday I needed to sleep during the day very much.
The night before that, I woke up 20 times and every time I continued to sleep, I had a nightmare, one period I was also between sleeping and reality or I was hallucinating, I heard 3 times something felt down on the floor, like a gummy ball, but when I stood up (3 times), nothing was there, I heard 2 times knocking in the wall/wood, like a bird, very strong, and I felt somebody touched my pillow under my head. So, I concluded, if they poisoned me, I had some kind of hallucination mixed with the nightmare.

The last several days they included new blond female spy in the food-store I use (Netto, Falkoner Alle)
. They can use her to humiliate immigrants or to set up immigrants for the rape the same as they did to Julian Assange in Sweden. Stupid woman will get a knife in the stomach instead of a penis in vagina. They promise money to the women and women participate in their racism and Nazism against immigrants, the same as the bitches from Rosenorns Alle.