Bruno Sulak and Radiša Stiv Jovanović

brunosulak2 months already I am in Scandinavia, still no job from people who are good for western secret service. Beside it, racist spies poison my food or water, the same like in the past. I came back to Scandinavia on 1 June. In the middle of June already I had problem with health, pain around heart and in my back and blood in head, it is feeling like when you stand on hands, you feel blood in your head. When I visited doctor before one year they refused to make any test and they proposed me to give me psycho help because “I imagine that I am sick”. It is clear that doctors kiss in ass secret service, that’s how they got diploma and job in their shit life. I didn’t have such problems during my staying in Germany but 2 weeks back to Scandinavia and I got sick again, the same like in the past when I was here. The day before yesterday, after breakfast I felt the same problem, but not before breakfast. Racist secret service put something in my food or mineral water. It was so the whole day, I felt blood in my head and had problem with veins in my neck. Next morning I felt just little pressure in the head, and now I feel good because I bought food and water so they didn’t have chance to put something inside of it. But later when I go out and come back in the evening, again I will get problem, they will poison my food in the meantime …
Now I watched youtube video about Serbian robbers in France in eighties, Bruno Sulak (Algeria) and his Serbian friends from Legion of Foreigners, they were great robbers and beside it they escaped from prisons, that’s something for respect, they go against institutions and authorities and many criminals today don’t have balls to do it. Robbers are not connected with secret service and they don’t pay cops, therefore they are hunted more by cops. After they robbed jewelry when French president passed beside it, secret service hunted them and killed them. Jovanovic was killed from back when he came to helicopter to go to set free Bruno Sulak, and Bruno was killed by prison guard when he tried to escape from the prison after he “corrupted” prison officials. They gave him map where to go and of course, patrol came in the same place. They killed him in the building and left him outside of building telling story that he jumped trying to escape, but all his bones were broken and he warned his family earlier that maybe he will not stay alive. Bruno and his friends never shot any bullet when they made more than 100 robberies but fascist lunatics from secret service killed them. The same as in the case of Ljuba Zemunac who was killed by Goran Vuković in Frankfurt who surely had a deal with German secret service. Racist pigs got position in institutions and they misuse it to kill immigrants. German criminals are not touched by German secret service but Ljuba was immigrant and he was followed by them and they made deal with Vuković to kill him. Despite of such racist killings, our present criminals in the west don’t have any problem to collaborate with enemies, with western secret service. Racists kill us and our criminals make deals with them. That’s so because our criminals made enough money to work with drugs and there is no drug dealing without cops and secret service. They care only about money, if western racists bombard us or kill us or imprison us because of our nationality, they don’t care, they care only about their pockets. Really, before 40 years Yugoslavian criminals were bigger patriots than this criminals today, now they are 40 years in the west and they don’t have anymore our mentality, they became like west Europeans. They will rather be good for secret service than to take a risk and give job to our people. They have balls to do many things but they don’t have balls to give job, who believes in that? They are collaborating with enemies because they like money too much. They don’t give job, they don’t attack prisons, they don’t set their friends free… Time is changed it is not like long time ago, even in Serbia people are changed, we are now capitalism already 20 years. But even if I go back to my country to buy tools, Serbian secret service will kiss in ass western sponsors of Serbian government, and I would be arrested or they would stop that anybody sells me anything. Really dictator was bigger patriot than capitalist governments in Serbia, communist secret service helped to our criminals and this pigs today work for western sponsors against our citizens. Unfortunately my friends are not criminals and for robberies you need more people and you must trust them, you must work with long time friends or you can be cheated by some idiot who is hungry for money like western people. And time is changed, before 40 years cops didn’t use dogs, cameras from streets, forensics they have today… But with right people, you can do a lot of things. Just you must care to keep information among you and friends, only in Austria racists spies arrested many Yugoslavians in last one year, that’s because people mix with others and the longest robbers who stay free are those who just visit Vienna to make robbery and come back to Serbia. If they mix with anybody in Vienna, racists will get information what they are doing and they will be arrested. That’s failure of Serbian secret service that so many our people in the west work for foreign government and betray our people, they are mostly children of first generation of immigrants (now they have already 40 years) and asylum seekers who got papers in the west (from 1993 till today). Racists recruit spies among immigrants who are born in western countries… In any case, here is video about Bruno and his friends, in Serbian language, made by Prva TV:

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